OS Services Videos

What Is OESuite®?
One system interface. One unified outcome. One enterprise software platform for oil and gas, chemical processing, mining, and other heavy industries focused on process safety, asset performance management, ESG, enterprise loss prevention, mechanical integrity, and more. In this three-minute video, Operational Sustainability® Vice President Thelma Kipe provides a brief overview of the OESuite software platform and core components, and highlights the benefits of a single, seamlessly interoperable platform to achieve Operational Excellence.
Is Intelligent Operations the right path to achieve Operational Excellence?
In this video, Operational Sustainability, LLC CEO David Drerup explains that an agile, responsive Intelligent Operations framework is the right way forward to support and achieve the journey to Operational Excellence.
Operating Principles - Leverage our technical content to achieve Operational Excellence
In this two-minute video, Operational Sustainability, LLC CEO David Drerup discusses the extensive library of over 200 detailed, customizable technical standards developed to help companies accelerate their journey to Operational Excellence.
Interoperability: A Key Component of Successful Refinery and Chemical Plant Operations
In this two-minute video, Operational Sustainability, LLC CEO David Drerup describes the concept of interoperability in the process industries and the possible outcomes for organization adopting this strategy.
Process Safety Management: A Next Generation Perspective
Process Safety Management (PSM) is essential for managing complex operations, and effective PSM depends on accurate data management. In this five-minute video, Operational Sustainability, LLC CEO David Drerup discusses the risks of human-intensive process safety data management in a dynamic, ever-changing world and how to best address multifaceted PSM IT needs.
What is Intelligent Operations – A Conversation with Accenture
Mark Pyatt, Industry Principal for Accenture Resource Industries, talks with David Drerup, CEO of Operational Sustainability, LLC about Intelligent Operations, a bold new pathway to Operational Excellence. Mark discusses some of the current industry technology and process challenges he’s observed, and how Intelligent Operations can bridge the gap between the two.
What is Intelligent Operations - An Interview with BP & Accenture
Intelligent Operations is a bold new approach to achieve Operational Excellence (OpEx). It uses digital transformation to optimize production, minimize equipment downtime, enhance human performance, and manage operational risks.