Organizational Performance Videos

What's the Importance of a Connected Workforce?
In this two-minute video, Operational Sustainability, LLC CEO David Drerup addresses the importance of a Connected Workforce to ensure better decisions are made faster across the organization, how the pain of change compares to not changing at all, and what an effective strategy for the Connected Workforce looks like.
Conduct of Operations + Mobility - Achieve Operational Excellence Across Your Remote Workforce
Remote work is here to stay, so it’s time to ask - how do companies implement it well and maintain a culture of excellence in a remote environment? In this four-minute video, Operational Sustainability® CEO David Drerup discusses the benefits of investing in Conduct of Operations built for mobility, which ultimately leads to better decisions, made faster, across a workforce operating in multiple facilities.
What Are the Goals of Conduct of Operations?
In this video, Operational Sustainability, LLC CEO David Drerup describes the concept and goals of Conduct of Operations and the possibility for, over time, building a high-reliability organization.
What is Intelligent Operations – A Conversation with Accenture
Mark Pyatt, Industry Principal for Accenture Resource Industries, talks with David Drerup, CEO of Operational Sustainability, LLC about Intelligent Operations, a bold new pathway to Operational Excellence. Mark discusses some of the current industry technology and process challenges he’s observed, and how Intelligent Operations can bridge the gap between the two.
How does Operational Risk Management create sustainable operational integrity?
Operational Risk Management (ORM) creates a framework for managing risk across an entire organization, ultimately protecting the privilege to operate. In this three-minute video, Operational Sustainability, LLC CEO David Drerup discusses why a prioritized, dynamic risk registry is necessary for organizations to adapt as new threats manifest over time.
How Does Management of Organizational Change Address Compliance?
In this video, Operational Sustainability, LLC CEO David Drerup explains why Management of Organizational Change (MOOC) is the correct path for companies to address compliance needs, develop effective management systems, minimize safety risk, and achieve Operational Excellence.