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Enterprise Loss Prevention Videos

Systematically reduce risk levels with a proven approach to Failure Elimination.
When it comes to Failure Elimination, good luck isn’t good enough when it comes to preventing outages. In this five-minute video, Operational Sustainability® CEO David Drerup discusses proactive Failure Elimination, which will optimize your maintenance and inspection intervals, manage equipment lifecycles, and ultimately creates successful asset strategies with a systematic process.
How do companies evolve and address Mechanical Integrity from a holistic perspective?
In today’s competitive global marketplace, companies strive for reliable plants operating at the lowest cost with maximum production and minimal risk. In this four-minute video, Operational Sustainability® CEO David Drerup addresses the opportunities presented by Mechanical Integrity when addressed holistically, going beyond regulatory requirements to ensure Operational Excellence in all areas.
What hidden opportunities are possible with Next-Generation Enterprise Loss Prevention?
With a stronger Next-Generation Enterprise Loss Prevention (ELP) strategy, companies can achieve their goal of incident-free operations. In this five-minute video, Operational Sustainability, LLC CEO David Drerup outlines the benefits of employing a Next-Generation ELP strategy to ensure organizations are operating and producing at the highest quality, while simultaneously preserving the operational life of their assets.
How does Operational Risk Management create sustainable operational integrity?
Operational Risk Management (ORM) creates a framework for managing risk across an entire organization, ultimately protecting the privilege to operate. In this three-minute video, Operational Sustainability, LLC CEO David Drerup discusses why a prioritized, dynamic risk registry is necessary for organizations to adapt as new threats manifest over time.
Is Intelligent Operations the right path to achieve Operational Excellence?
In this video, Operational Sustainability, LLC CEO David Drerup explains that an agile, responsive Intelligent Operations framework is the right way forward to support and achieve the journey to Operational Excellence.