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ECM / Document Management / PSI

Document Management – A Single Platform to Manage Critical Information

Why OESuite® for ECM / Document Management / PSI Matters

OS offers a comprehensive Framework for managing Process Safety Information (PSI). Whether you are managing basic Engineering Content or a larger PSI dataset, the OESuite® PSI Framework provides a comprehensive set of modules to achieve Operational Excellence.

PSI Systems Input graphic

The Document Management module is the core and anchor of the PSI Framework, but its critical role is supported by the rest of the interoperable modules in the framework – meaning all of those modules are utilizing the same data sets to provide common insights. Another key module in the framework is the Management of Change Module, which provides the cohesive foundation to manage dynamic changes in PSI.

Workflows within PSI allow for routing and approval so reviewers can quickly solicit input. Compliance auditing is a snap because policies and procedures are searchable by compliance standard and easily accessed digitally rather than combing through a series of file drawers. System architecture is accretive by design, allowing for cost-effective changes, resulting in effective operations mapping and lower operating costs.

Key stakeholders can manage master data — including Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) information and the asset registry — and exchange critical documentation for projects.

Document Management screenshots

In addition, users can leverage our Inventory and Relief Device Management Modules to provide critical engineering information to the field. Reduce the need for person-to-person sharing of information by using the OESuite® portal to access information anytime, anywhere. Critical documentation can be shared prior to commissioning a change by utilizing our Pre-Startup Safety Review Module. Procedures can be built using our Procedure Management Module, which seamlessly integrates with our Document Management Module.

No more re-inventing the wheel – our PSI Framework enables users to have a single platform to manage critical information.

OESuite® Offers a Comprehensive PSI Framework

PSI Systems Input graphic

OESuite® Integrations / Connectors

Connector icon graphic

OS offers a Technical Engineering Content and Data (also referred to as Process Safety Information or PSI) solution. At the core, our Document Management and Procedure Management modules form the backbone of our Engineering Content Management Solution.

Other key integrated modules in our framework include:

  • MOC
  • Process Risk
  • Incident Management
  • Audit Management
  • Training Management
  • Relief Device Management
  • Safety Data Sheets


Process Safety Information is complex and touches the majority of processes
in a manufacturing plant.

PSI has long been viewed as data and document management via document repository. Most companies use a basic document management system to store information that isn’t integrated or efficient or easy to maintain. Worse, thinking this basic document repository is up to date, as required, can leave you with a false sense of security that leads to making decisions without current or accurate information… leading to unnecessary risk. That may sound like basic PSI management, but without properly integrating people, materials, and equipment into your PSI management, you end up with critical gaps.

Operational Sustainability® takes the mystery out of PSI, so you can manage and integrate critical information across your organization. Our strategy, roadmap, and PSI Framework can be tailored to fit your organization.

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OESuite® Integrations / Connectors

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