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Process Safety / RMP

Process Safety – A Comprehensive Approach

Process Safety Management / Risk Management Plan

Our PSM/RMP specialists can assess and design a solution that helps meet your compliance goals. We offer comprehensive Process Safety consulting, technical content, and information technology solutions. From mechanical program development, to PSM management systems, PHAs, audits, training and staff augmentation… we can support your team. All of these enhance your license to operate, while achieving world-class safety performance.

Regardless of your company’s size or industry, OS offers comprehensive consulting services to provide the right expertise to assess your needs, diagnose problems, and deliver enterprise level risk-based solutions that enhance compliance.

P&ID photo

Our comprehensive consulting services tackle all elements of process safety and conduct of operations to assess and resolve threats before they manifest, leading to operational safety excellence.

3D pyramid graphic that shows Process Safety as the 2nd level in the Operational Safety Excellence pyramid. 1st level is Cultural Safety Excellence, top level is Operational Safety Excellence. Chart that lists the Traditional and Risk-Based Elements of Process Safety

OS offers world-class process safety software and consulting services to comprehensively address your PSM / RMP compliance needs.

OESuite™ Business Benefits for Process Safety / RMP

Process Safety Benefits graphic

OESuite™ Mobility

Our mobile applications enable field personnel to log incidents and near misses, conduct audits, commission changes and initiate changes in the field. Operators can access complete information on work order status, permit isolation conditions, and other important process safety information on the fly. Whether on a tablet or phone, technicians can access mission critical information is at your disposal on your device at any time. The result is safer startups, enhanced sharing of risk information, and improved efficiency.


MOC, Mechanical Integrity, and Process Safety Information are the core of Intelligent Operations and Operational Risk Management.


Process Safety Excellence means going above and beyond doing PHAs, Audits, and Incident investigations. By breaking down the data management silos and rethinking how to digitize PSM, companies can get away from after-the-fact disparate information sources to true risk management.

At Operational Sustainability, LLC, we help you devise a strategy to achieve world-class process safety performance. Once you have the basic elements in place, we can help you progress to Risk-Based Process Safety, incorporating relevant attributes of Conduct of Operations to achieve sustained top quartile performance.

Technical Content

Operational Sustainability, LLC® assists clients with Process Safety by developing business processes, standards, policies, procedures, and field guides. The Operational Sustainability OESuite™ software effectively addresses all aspects of PSM from an integrated perspective, including risk-based process safety. Our PSM software comes with pre-configured process templates, reports, and dashboards. The Operational Sustainability Process Safety Technical Content set incorporates the 14 Process Safety elements, helping organizations address key Process Safety challenges in a systemic, repeatable way.

Graphic that lists all the Field Guides, Procedures, Standards, and Policies for Process Safety

Not only does OS offer customizable technical content, we also offer our industry leading OESuite™ software platform with nearly 40 modules. To accelerate the implementation of our software, we offer:

  • Pre-configured Work Processes
  • Best Practices and “To Be” Workflows
  • Canned Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Computer-Based Training (CBT) Modules
  • Protocol
  • Checklists

Our Technical Content will save you thousands of hours, while allowing you to focus on your organization’s core capability.

How Does OESuite™ Help Address Process Safety/RMP?

Process safety alignment wheel that shows all the OESuite Modules used

OESuite™ Integrations / Connectors

OS can help you comprehensively address PSM/RMP compliance. PSM forms the core for our Operational Risk Management (ORM) solution and offers foundational elements including Management of Change (MOC), Technical Engineering Content and Data (also referred to as Process Safety Information), and Enterprise Loss Prevention (ELP) leading to a single source of truth. These three foundational elements are highly integrated through the OESuite™ platform.

Some key integrations include:

  • Management of Change with Work Orders
  • Incidents with MOCs
  • PHAs, Audits and Incidents with Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA)
  • Training with Competency
  • MOC with CAPA
  • Procedures with Document Management
  • Work Permits with Work Orders

PSM is key to running an organization within defined risk tolerances for chemical hazards. OS leverages an API 754 reporting framework as a hub to roll-up information from OESuite to detect potential threats. In addition, OS Visual Operations enables users to see threats as they materialize in near-real time at a P&ID or Process Flow Diagram Level.

OESuite™ Functions

OESuite™ Features


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