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OESuite™ Software

OESuite™ Overview

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OESuite™ from Operational Sustainability, LLC® is a comprehensive enterprise platform delivered in the cloud or on site that uses Intelligent Operations to deliver Operational Excellence. Today the solution is comprised of over 40 modules focused on addressing Asset Performance Management, Conduct of Operations, EH&S / Process Safety, and Total Workforce Management.

Intelligent Operations Components

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The unique interoperability of the OESuite modules ensures that data from multiple and sometimes divergent sources are harnessed in new and innovative ways. All of the action items, tasks, and scheduling roll up to a single system with a compliance calendar, dashboards, and email escalations to ensure that things are proactively addressed.

OS also offers a robust set of connectors to enable plug-and-play with your data historians, lab systems, work management systems, HR systems, and other key systems.

OESuite™ Mobility

OESuite™ provides a comprehensive enterprise mobility management platform with all the features you need. Your team gets access to field data gathering, first report of incident, remote computer based training, work management, operator rounds, visual inspections, and more.

With OESuite™, we give you true visibility through a rich, enterprise level software solution, delivering powerful insights into your operational data and empowering your entire organization to make smarter, faster, risk-informed decisions at the point of need.

Your data anywhere, anytime

Refresh and analyze all your key performance indicators – wherever you are, whenever you need it. Flick through charts and graphs. Interact with, filter, sort and analyze your data – all with the touch of your fingers. Simply swipe to browse dashboards, filter with a tap of a finger, or file an incident or complete a work order from the field.

Online or offline

It might not feel like it, but there are times when you’re not connected. Offline mode lets you enjoy a productive flight or work remotely from your vehicle with uninterrupted access to your data.

OESuite™ Business Benefits

Companies who achieve Intelligent Operations can achieve new levels of performance, leading to optimal profitability and top quartile performance. Additional business benefits include:
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OESuite™ Mobility


Technical Content

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OESuite™ Features

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