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Downstream Oil and Gas

Photo of Downstream Processing Plant

Downstream oil and gas refiners and processors need true operational excellence programs driven by intelligent operations, not more isolated, siloed software applications. OS brings operational excellence consulting and the leading intelligent operations platform to the production, process safety, and workforce challenges the process industries face today.

Refiners in the United States have opportunities to leverage integrated approaches to asset, workforce, and compliance technology to increase efficiencies, ensure that process safety and workforce competency needs are addressed, and implement smarter total asset lifecycle management approaches. Refiners who make a renewed push to achieve operational excellence will uncover hidden opportunities for increased asset optimization, uptime, and value creation, while reducing incidents, maintenance and inspection costs, and production losses. Conduct of Operations (CoO) leading to operational discipline is a strategic opportunity for refiners. One of the catalysts for CoO is mobility coupled with the reduced cost of tablets.

The OESuite® software platform offers a full spectrum, built-for-purpose set of integrated modules to address key challenges in the downstream oil and gas sector, including Management of Change, Task and Incident Management, EH&S Compliance, Asset Performance Management, Risk-Based Inspection, Operator Rounds, Control of Work/Work Permitting, and more.

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