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Asset Performance Management

Asset Performance Management

Why OESuite® for APM Matters

Forget the one size fits all model of asset management. Operational Sustainability® (OS) can develop and implement overall Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions customized to your needs. From Asset Strategy Management (ASM) to Asset Health, Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), Risk-Based Inspection (RBI), and Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs) – we have the Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution you need to manage your fleet. Explore the elements of comprehensive, integrated, holistic enterprise asset management.

Holistic APM

Asset Performance Management Holistic diagram

OESuite® Business Benefits for Asset Performance Management

Asset Performance Management Business Benefits graphic

How Does OESuite® Help Address APM?

Graphic that shows all the modules and functions for APM

OESuite® Mobile Applications

Mobilizing your maintenance and inspection workforce is integral to improving operating efficiencies in the field. Initiating work notifications and progressing work orders are two of the more important functions that can be served by maintenance. Inspection needs to conduct visual inspections and thickness measurements while integrating with data loggers (i.e., UT readings). In addition, inspection and maintenance can integrate when an inspection summary report needs to trigger a work notification – all from a tablet or phone. The result is better quality data gathering, quicker decisions at the shop floor, and improved profitability.

OESuite® Integrations / Connectors

The OS APM solution portfolio drives interoperability and integration. Numerous OESuite® modules act as data sources for Asset Health including Work Management/CMMS, Operator Rounds, Inspection Management/Mechanical Integrity, and Production Loss Management along with supporting integrations to external systems like data historians for sensor information, and condition-based monitoring.

Asset Strategy Management (ASM) is a hub that allows not only asset strategies to be derived, but drives the actual execution of integrated work processes in OESuite® including:

  • FMEA Studies and RCM Studies
  • Integrity Operating Windows Monitoring
  • Tag Monitoring
  • Preventative and Predictive Maintenance within Work Management/CMMS
  • Inspection Management/Mechanical Integrity
  • Operator Rounds
  • Calibration and Proof Testing
  • Corrective and Preventative Actions
  • Condition Assessments
  • Tasks
  • Asset Health
  • Production Loss Management

In the end, Asset Strategy improves your maintenance plans and Asset Health is a measure of how good the Asset Strategy is.  Asset Health can also be used to inform your capital decisions.


Nearly 70% of companies recently surveyed lacked an Asset Strategy.

Graphic that shows the phases of advanced management complexity: Manual to Computer Age to APM to APM 4.0 to Next-Generation APM

APM has been traditionally viewed as a means to improve availability and reliability. Operational Sustainability® adds in asset integrity and some other key components. Traditionally, APM IT solutions have been extremely human intensive to maintain. Newer web-based technology and improved integration capabilities have greatly reduced the burden of implementation of these solutions. Traditionally, Risk-Based Inspection and Reliability Centered Maintenance have been seen as time consuming and expensive.  Asset Strategy Libraries and Industry specific-templates have helped reduce the cost and reduce implementation.

OS can help you evaluate all the options and create the right APM strategy for your organization.

Asset Management / Work Management with OESuite®

Work management is focused on efficient execution of work. Traditional work management is all about the work order, but OS can help you develop your Enterprise Asset Management process to take a holistic approach through integration with other work processes such as management of change, work permitting, inspection findings, worker competency, root cause analysis and more.

Asset Performance Management/Work Management Flow diagram

Asset Strategy Management

Best-in-class asset management strategies incorporate cost, reliability, asset integrity, EHS compliance, process safety, energy consumption and production into an integrated model… driving better asset strategies at the equipment level. That is what happens within the new APM framework developed by OS that improves asset performance, reduces risk, enhances compliance assurance, and minimizes production losses. This expanded view of APM and ASM addresses process safety, human performance, and asset information management to deliver top and bottom-line results.

Asset Strategy Management (ASM) is your foundation for developing optimal asset strategies, which determine how your assets will perform over time. A comprehensive asset strategy software solution, like OESuite®, employs an Asset Strategy Library (ASL) featuring a central repository of strategies available to be assigned to each asset depending on its criticality. Criticality can be determined using an incorporated risk matrix, ensuring your consequence of failures are categorized properly, to optimize asset strategies.

Comprehensive asset strategies can be implemented in your execution system of choice, such as a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), to generate periodic maintenance, testing, and inspection tasks. The results of inspections, operator rounds, maintenance actions, and condition monitoring can be fed into the ASM system to improve the effectiveness of the strategies.

Having a single source of truth with interoperable modules makes the execution more efficient. As market conditions and plant alignment changes, a best-in-class asset strategy enables comprehensive interoperability with supporting processes to drive efficient and effective execution at every operational level. OS delivers Operational Discipline as an outcome of an asset strategy through the greater interoperability enabled in OESuite®.

Next-Gen APM

Next-Generation Asset Performance Management column graphic

Trust our experienced experts to help you design and implement new APM processes to incorporate this more holistic approach. The reliability-based strategies, mechanical integrity, and failure elimination of APM processes and overall Asset Strategy Management (ASM) are strengthened when human performance, conduct of operations and process safety are simultaneously addressed from a foundation of shared data elements and an integrated approach.

From helping you optimize your management systems, getting buy-in from your culture, to digitizing your work processes, OS offers solutions.

Asset Health Monitoring

The OESuite® Asset Health module synthesizes valuable asset data sources into actionable intelligence for asset repair or replacement through a clear dashboard – putting you in the cockpit for reliable operations. Real-time data from your sensors, historians, operator rounds, work orders, and inspection reports will give you a comprehensive view of asset performance in a highly visual dashboard.

With an integrated Asset Health view, you can:

  • Gain insight into elevated risks
  • Ensure appropriate personnel are alerted when necessary
  • Place bad actors on an asset watch list
  • Control your risks more effectively
  • Reach optimum performance with every asset

Choose your specific types of assets from the library of Asset Health indicators to accelerate the journey. Asset Health may contribute to refining the asset strategies by measuring actual conditions and identifying early signs of deterioration.

Screen shot of an Asset Health Dashboard that shows Asset Condition, Location, and Overall Summary

OESuite® Mobile Applications


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OESuite® Integrations / Connectors

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