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Our Technical Content Saves You Time and Money

Operational Sustainability® accelerates customer success through the technical content we have available, including ready-to-go business processes, standards, policies, procedures, and field guides. Our industry-leading OESuite® software comes with pre-configured with templates, reports, and dashboards, or you can customize them to fit your processes.
Graphic that shows the four types of Technical Content: Policy, Standard, Procedure, Field Guide

Not only does OS offer customizable technical content, we also offer our industry leading OESuite® software platform with nearly 40 modules. To accelerate the implementation of our software, we offer:

  • Pre-configured Work Processes
  • Best Practices and “To Be” Workflows
  • Canned Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Computer-Based Training (CBT) Modules
  • Protocol
  • Checklists

Our Technical Content will save you thousands of hours, while allowing you to focus on your organization’s core capability.

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OS Strategy and Management Systems:
Roadmaps to Success

The best measure of an effective strategy is a profitable plant. OS delivers comprehensive interoperability that leads to top quartile performance. You get actionable insights as your plant configuration changes so that you can make risk-informed decisions on the fly.

How? Intelligent Operations delivers the right information, to the right person, at the point of work. Intelligent Operations is the most efficient approach we've found to achieve Operational Excellence (OE). And, Operational Excellence delivers greater value to customers by outperforming the competition in executing the business strategy. OE is about predictable production with the focus on meeting customer commitments.

Screen shot of an Asset Health Dashboard that shows Asset Condition, Location, and Overall Summary

Why strategy is at the core of everything we do

Interoperability is based upon the idea that there are strategic systems that need to talk to each other. Your organizational strategy for success should determine what systems should be interoperable, what data is important, and how you want to use the insights and information interoperability generates to accomplish your goals. At OS, we help clients map out the strategy, and then implement the right solution.

We assess needs, identify gaps, benchmark performance, develop work processes and management systems, develop an implementation strategy, and quantify the return on investment. We often begin the implementation with a pilot to validate assumptions and generate lessons learned before moving to full scale rollout.

Graphic showing the four components for planning, management, and coordination: Assess, Design, Implement, and Sustain.

Your journey to OE can be predictable, profitable, and performance-driven.

Who does Intelligent Operations involve?

From improving and integrating processes to proactively managing risk and mitigating threats, everything we do through Intelligent Operations helps you achieve and sustain Operational Excellence. We don't just provide a piece of the puzzle, we deliver real time risk visibility and operational control across your entire organization

Graphic showing all the departments involved in Intelligent Operations / ORM

OS Offers A Full Suite of Services


We believe in strategy first. Our experienced advisors help identify and address cultural, compliance, and business performance needs. Then, we put our consultants' 30+ years of average industry experience to work developing a strategy and roadmap for each client. OS doesn't just provide a piece of the puzzle; we deliver a cohesive, comprehensive solution.

Advisory Services


Our expert advisory services help you obtain, maintain, and sustain a clear picture of your risks, assets, operations, workforce, and activities. We develop fully integrated solutions that fit your culture, can help change your culture, and help you drive toward your goals.



Our OESuite® software delivers real transformation with sustainable outcomes to improve processes and integrate systems, proactively manage risk, mitigate threats, and help you achieve operational excellence. Our expert care and service team will help your facility achieve the promise of operational excellence at a sustainable cost.

Technical Content

OS is constantly adding new technical content to our library to empower your team with proven industry expertise. Our content can accelerate your journey to operational excellence.

Building the Intelligent Operations Business Case

Whether you need basic benchmarking information or a detailed business case, we can connect the benefits of a solution for Intelligent Operations with financial metrics. We can also develop in-depth business cases with supporting information including presentations ready for executive management aimed at helping you transform your organization. The business case is an essential support for the development of a strategy.

Additional Services


Compare your current performance against other industry peers. Gain important insights into areas of performance improvement. Our cloud-based solution enables you to identify your operational risks and monitor the health of your assets, while developing a comprehensive risk registry. The result enables you to derive an asset and compliance strategy, while ascertaining your true availability, reliability, and cost.


Before going forward with an enterprise software deployment, you may want to conduct a pilot project to validate assumptions and gather information on lessons learned to tune up your approach and perfect your process blueprints. Our Project Management organization and IT practitioners have pilot templates that you can tailor to satisfy the level of rigor you want to apply. The result is establishment of "wants" vs. "needs" and lower risk of failure.


Alignment with Standards
We can support ISO Standards including 55001, 31000, 9001, and 14001. Our focus is to make sure that our technology supports these frameworks so that you can maximize your investment and achieve the desired level of performance improvement.


OS offers experienced trainers including subject matter experts for classroom training. In addition, we have a Learning Management System (LMS) and can deliver computer-based training and customized content.

Technical Content

OS assists clients with Conduct of Operations by developing business processes, standards, policies, procedures, and field guides. Our Technical Content will save you thousands of hours, while allowing you to focus on your organization's core capability.

Graphic that shows the four types of Technical Content: Policy, Standard, Procedure, Field Guide

OESuite® Implementation and Optimization

Our robust implementation approach is designed to focus on People, Plant, Process, and Technology (P3T) and provides a fully integrated solution. Our project management organization use pilot projects to build consensus, overcome natural resistance to change, and gain first-hand knowledge of your organization. We follow our detailed project management methodology or can leverage your project approach to maximize project success.

Solution Optimization:
Once you complete your OESuite® implementation, we work tirelessly with you post deployment to ensure that your users: get the support they need including making changes to your configuration and creation of reports, dashboards and portals.  We can help you identify areas of greatest opportunity for improvement and maximum return on investment (ROI).