Technical Content Overview

Our Technical Content Saves You Time and Money

Operational Sustainability® accelerates customer success through the technical content we have available, including ready-to-go business processes, standards, policies, procedures, and field guides. Our industry-leading OESuite® software comes with pre-configured with templates, reports, and dashboards, or you can customize them to fit your processes.
Graphic that shows the four types of Technical Content: Policy, Standard, Procedure, Field Guide

Not only does OS offer customizable technical content, we also offer our industry leading OESuite® software platform with nearly 40 modules. To accelerate the implementation of our software, we offer:

  • Pre-configured Work Processes
  • Best Practices and “To Be” Workflows
  • Canned Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Computer-Based Training (CBT) Modules
  • Protocol
  • Checklists

Our Technical Content will save you thousands of hours, while allowing you to focus on your organization’s core capability.

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