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We believe in strategy first. Our experienced advisors help identify and address cultural, compliance, and business performance needs. Then, we put our consultants’ 30+ years of average industry experience to work developing a strategy and roadmap for each client. OS doesn’t just provide a piece of the puzzle; we deliver a cohesive, comprehensive solution.



Our expert consulting services help you obtain, maintain, and sustain a clear picture of your risks, assets, operations, workforce, and activities. We develop fully integrated solutions that fit your culture, can help change your culture, and help you drive toward your goals.



Our OESuite® software delivers real transformation with sustainable outcomes to improve processes and integrate systems, proactively manage risk, mitigate threats, and help you achieve operational excellence. Our expert care and service team will help your facility achieve the promise of operational excellence at a sustainable cost.

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OS is constantly adding new technical content to our library to empower your team with proven industry expertise. Our content can accelerate your journey to operational excellence.

OS Advisory Services

In business, not all things are worth pursuing. For this reason, Operational Sustainability® created our advisory group with deep domain expertise. Our average advisor has 30+ years of experience in industry. Our staff comes from the top quartile of companies in the process industries. Our advisors have worked to solve complex issues for more than 100 clients to date. We know this approach works. We helped one client, BP, find over $2B annually in value leakage.

We start with value engineering to identify the business merits of a proposed solution, because not all ideas have a tangible ROI. We use our Value Calculation Solution to identify key value drivers along with associated benefits.

Return on Operational Excellence graphic

That information then feeds into our Enterprise Strategy framework for making strategic decisions.

Graphic that lists the 4 components of a risk registry: Asset Systems, Compliance Systems, Operations Systems, and Workforce Systems

Enterprise Strategy Framework

We then help organizations build a roadmap that starts with foundational elements that control compliance to protect your privilege to operate. ROI is generally found in the assets and operations areas next. This process follows our Intelligent Operations methodology to deliver operational excellence.

6 phases of maturity graphic. 1 - privilege to operate; 2 - Maximize asset availability and integrity; 3 - Minimize human error, maximize production, ensure competency; 4 - Maximize capital effectiveness, optimize scheduling; 5 - Pattern/diagnostic enablement; 6 - Operational Excellence

We ensure organizations are able to drive Operational Performance Management (OPM). Operational Performance Management (OPM) is an emerging framework that leverages prescriptive analytics and AI to develop new insights into threats and performance of assets (e.g. asset health and human assets). Once you establish a framework for OPM, you need an embedded audit function, coupled with a risk registry to ensure that there is adherence to the underlying management systems.

To sustain it, you need to continuously monitor your assets and organization to ensure that as changes come about, you are operating within your risk tolerance and the optimal efficiency level. This should align and/or influence your Enterprise Strategy and portfolio decisions. The right management systems, and IT solutions need to be culturally aligned to be fit for purpose with your organization. When that all comes together in the right way, you can change behaviors)… resulting in top quartile financial performance at the lowest Operational Risk.

Graphic that shows the framework and drivers to achieve OE.

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