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Software Solutions

We work with you to configure OESuite® to empower your organization to reach its goals for operational excellence, including the processes, systems, and technology you need. Work with your culture, not against it. Or, use our built-in processes, policies, and standards to help transform your culture.

Advisory Services

We help you get your work processes up to snuff. Our team delivers a comprehensive strategy for your project and gets you up and running quickly. Leverage our QuickStart technical standards and configuration templates to expedite the journey.

Technical Content

Operational Sustainability® accelerates customer success through the technical content we have available, including ready-to-go processes, standards, policies, procedures, and field guides in key areas such as MOC, Conduct of Operations, Process Safety, and more.

OESuite® Implementation & Managed Services

Our comprehensive OESuite® software implementation approach is designed to focus on People, Plants, Processes, and Technology (P3T) to achieve Operational Excellence. We follow a detailed project management methodology or leverage your existing project management approach to maximize project success while delivering OESuite® in the cloud or on-premise via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Training and Education

Whether you want train-the-trainer to self-deploy, or desire a deeper understanding of our solution, we tailor our training to fit your needs. Our trainers can keep you up to date on the newest features, work processes, analysis methodology, and technology.

Connectors / Integration

OESuite® has a set of pre-built connectors to enable integration with key plant systems by leveraging our powerful application programming interface (API). Accelerate the integration process by reusing the connectors for different locations and systems while enhancing the supportability of the integration for coming years.

Customer Success

We are there for your entire project lifecycle and for future needs as they emerge. We can ensure you have the right level of technical support as you mature with our platform.

What Is The OESuite® Implementation Approach?

Prior to kick-off, Operational Sustainability® (OS) reviews the project goals and objectives with each client and creates an agenda for the formal kick-off meeting. Our experts also review current management systems and existing work practices to determine the best path forward. After kick-off, our team meets with the project manager to ensure we stay aligned on meeting the scope and schedule.

Before implementation, OS facilitates configuration design workshop to blueprint the work process that forms the the basis for configuration. Our experienced team can either implement OESuite® from scratch or use a pre-existing configuration template to accelerate initial deployment.

Implementation Approach

Our experts also work with the client to create an integration design document and provide systems integration via single or bi-directional, real-time, and asynchronous communication to and from OESuite® by leveraging our powerful application programming interface (API).

Then, OS configures OESuite® in a sandbox and provides a test plan and training to key stakeholders prior to commencing testing. Users can conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of their data set before launch and OS will conduct additional training as needed.

Once OESuite® implementation is complete, OS will facilitate a project close-out meeting and work with your team post-deployment to ensure users get the support they need. This includes making changes to your configuration and creation of reports, dashboards, and portals.

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Technical Content

OESuite® Integrations / Connectors

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