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OESuite® Mobile Applications

OESuite® Mobile Applications

Why Use OESuite® Mobile Applications?

Enabling a Connected Workforce

Best-in-class mobile software solutions for:
Workforce, Assets, Operations, Compliance, and Risk. Gather data, enable actionable insights, and build a resilient workforce.

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One Source of Truth.

Single Pane of Glass.

Flawless Execution.

A mobile-enabled workforce utilizes and delivers information to and from the point of work execution. The OESuite® Mobile Platform of interoperable applications – meaning multiple applications all utilizing the same data sets – with ties to the main enterprise platform can powerfully support operations work processes, address changes, and provide asset insights in real time. Today, this level of data utilization and integration is a pre-requisite for a Connected Workforce and effective Conduct of Operations.

What is OESuite®?

OESuite® is a comprehensive software platform for Operational Excellence. It unifies your organization, because everyone is looking at and contributing to the same data sets. One source of truth and a single pane of glass leads to a resilient organization that can balance all of its operational risks with financial objectives. Whether you are sold out or in cost containment mode, OESuite® enables better decisions faster.

It is a dynamic or real-time situational awareness and guidance engine for your operational data and through its diverse mobile applications set, it can capture and utilize real-time data from the field. Then, it integrates with your other enterprise systems to enable prescriptive insights across your organization.

Why Does Interoperability Matter?

Interoperability flow chart
A single source of truth delivers enhanced efficiency, profitability, and improved speed of decisions.

Interoperability is the key to flawless work execution and optimal efficiency. The outcome of each process synchronization point is interoperability.

A true, interoperable mobile platform is transformative; it is the opposite of trying to pull together disparate tools or mobile forms that weren’t meant to work together cohesively. One System Drives Execution, and a single source of truth leads to improved speed of decisions.

Integration and interoperability are necessary to drive efficient and effective execution along with visibility to current operations. OESuite® can leverage integration to external systems like SAP®, IBM® Maximo®, OpenText Documentum, OSIsoft® PI, Aspen InfoPlus.21® with our library of connectors.

Mobility, or data-driven connectivity via mobile devices, drives optimal visibility, operating efficiency, and digital work processes. Our mobile applications put critical information from any necessary system into the hands of your workforce exactly when and where they need it.

How Does Mobility Impact the Connected Workforce and Conduct of Operations?

A Connected Workforce is one that, through the power of mobile and/or wearable devices and a robust data architecture, is able to send and receive critical information at the point of work. That connectivity is what enables the workforce to do the right things, every time, and for management to know that the right things are happening. This concept is a key component of applying the broader principles of Industry 4.0 to the specific goals of Operational Excellence 4.0 (OE 4.0).

Holistic Connected Workforce

Conduct of Operations (CoO) is how we enable people to do the right thing every time and ensure that the right things do, in fact, happen through a defined set of processes and procedures.

In short, CoO is the set of processes that dictates how we do things.

Leadership creates the culture and dictates what processes to enact – resulting in more predicable outcomes and a higher-performing culture overall.

The Connected Workforce adds that element of collaboration and speed that is essential for a remote workforce to be empowered to drive efficient execution in the field:

  • Leverage analytics to gain insights and drive actions
  • Connect to data historians to see trends
  • Connect to IoT-enabled equipment and sensors for real-time alerts on exceedances of safe operating limits
  • Creates a closed loop for completing field activities such as work orders, tasks, action items, MOCs and more
  • Utilize embedded intelligence for smart guided procedures, enabling continuous process improvement
  • Help propagate and support Operational Discipline, an integral ingredient to enable companies to achieve Operational Excellence.
The OESuite® Mobile Applications dashboard helps users quickly and easily find critical information.
OESuite® Mobile Applications dashboard

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OESuite® Mobile Applications


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