Oil & Gas IQ’s podcast series on the growing role of Intelligent Operations in the oil and gas industry

December 14, 2020

Oil & Gas IQ’s podcast series on the growing

In the fourth episode of Oil & Gas IQ’s podcast series on Intelligent Operations, Operational Sustainability’s David Drerup joins OpenText Senior Director Martin Richards and Oil & Gas IQ’s Managing Editor Ben Watts.

David is CEO and Founder of Operational Sustainability, a Houston-based company playing a leading role in developing and deploying Intelligent Operations solutions in the Oil and Gas market. In this episode, Drerup offers his unique take on what the industry is looking for from connected solutions today and provides insight into how his company is providing purpose-built applications to support the industry’s Intelligent Operations objectives. Drerup also explains why companies must break down existing departmental, management, cultural and data management silos, and how driving forward interoperability of processes can help to unlock new business value as the industry sets its sights on Operational Excellence 4.0.