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The right MOC strategy will help keep your operating facilities current on managing your operational risk as the risk portfolio changes daily. OESuite’s interoperable modules create a single source of truth for satisfying regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance, and driving profitability.

OESuite® Business Benefits for Management of Change (MOC)

Management of Change Business Benefits graphic

The sheer complexity and volume of Management of Change (MOC) requests makes digitalization a prerequisite for efficient operations. Paper-based systems make it difficult to prove when steps were enacted without an electronic audit trail. OESuite® is our answer to maximizing efficiency, protecting your privilege to operate, and addressing change across all departments.

MOC maturity roadmap
Operational Sustainability® MOC Maturity Model

Trust our industry experts for content you can tailor to your organization’s needs and software solutions that will mobilize and manage your existing MOC processes.

OESuite MOC workflow screenshot
OESuite® MOC Workflow
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OESuite® MOC Portal
OESuite PSSR checklist review screenshot
OESuite® PSSR Checklist

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