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The OESuite® Mechanical Integrity (MI) Solution helps organizations manage their critical process equipment and monitor assets to ensure your privilege to operate remains intact – even in an operating environment where many plants are at or beyond their design life, making asset integrity a high priority.

OESuite® Business Benefits for Mechanical Integrity

Mechanical Integrity Business Benefits animated graphic

MI is a necessary step in achieving Process Safety Management (PSM) compliance and maximizing equipment uptime in operating facilities. Our OESuite® provides a holistic, interoperability-driven approach to help deliver the insights your organization needs to extract the full value out of your assets.

Mechanical Integrity Maturity Roadmap
Operational Sustainability® Mechanical Integrity Maturity Model

Trust our industry experts for content you can tailor to your organization’s needs and software solutions that will mobilize, manage, and enhance your existing MI processes.

OESuite Inspection Management + Mobile screenshot
OESuite® Inspection Management + Mobile
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OESuite® Damage Mechanism
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OESuite® CCD / IOW Analysis

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