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Water system and wastewater system providers need more than new software to meet today’s demands. Municipal and industrial water and wastewater providers need true operational excellence programs driven by the intelligent operations approach. OS brings operational excellence consulting and the leading intelligent operations platform to the operational, safety, and workforce challenges the water and wastewater industries face today.

We understand the challenges faced by the water and wastewater industry. Our solutions are tailored to address EH&S, Work Execution, Workforce Competency, and Asset Performance Management (APM). Operational Sustainability also supports asset strategies, RCM templates, condition assessment templates, and root cause analysis.

Deploying a mobile-device enabled workforce using intuitive, integrated real-time applications is a key opportunity for operators to improve efficiency. From work management to operator rounds and procedural automation, operators can empower their workforce to achieve the organizations goals.

The OESuite® software platform helps your employees work smarter and safer in the field. Through real-time, holistic asset, compliance, and work management, OESuite® delivers a single source of truth showing you in an integrated view how your plant is, has, and will likely continue to operate given existing circumstances and past history.

OS leverages your distributed control systems and programmable logic controllers to gain operational insights and to monitor parameters for enhanced compliance assurance.

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