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Capacity requirements can stress aging utility infrastructure and a break-fix maintenance approach is no longer acceptable given the demand for reliable performance. Today’s utility companies must deliver the highest levels of uptime while maximizing the return on every dollar spent to do so.

To achieve that level of return, utility transmission and distribution providers need more than isolated, siloed software applications. Utility companies need true operational excellence programs driven by the intelligent operations approach. OS brings operational excellence consulting and the leading intelligent operations platform to the operational, safety, and asset management challenges the utility transmission and distribution industry faces today. Leveraging Asset Performance Management (APM) with Asset Lifecycle Costing is important to maximize reliability at the lowest possible cost and risk.

The OESuite® software platform enables the kind of real-time insights into equipment reliability, maintenance, and asset management strategies you need to meet those challenges. Our mobile solutions empower field personnel to conduct operator rounds, initiate work notifications, enact work permits, and access procedures and other vital equipment information in real-time. They can schedule work or report issues from the field. From asset management to electronic work permitting, compliance task management, and hazard analyses to protect field personnel, the OESuite® software platform from Operational Sustainability helps your employees work smarter and safer.

Like any good partner, we’re here to help you assess, customize, and implement solutions for sustainable efficiency and safety improvements.

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