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Process Safety Information

Why OESuite® for Process Safety Information Matters

Process Safety Information (PSI) can be complex to automate successfully because it involves documents, drawings, materials, and equipment, and up-to-date PSI is critical to making risk-informed decisions as the foundation for sound process safety decisions. Operational Sustainability® simplifies the process through our solution of integrated, mobile-friendly modules that work together to deliver critical PSI into the hands of the people who need it most.

Our PSI Solution, powered by OESuite®, dynamically and effectively manages all aspects of PSI, giving you a clearer picture of your operational risk and enabling you to manage your content effectively.

How Does OESuite® Help Address Process Safety Information?

PSI Solution

OESuite® Business Benefits for PSI

OESuite Business Benefits for PSI

  • Simplify and automate the process of revising and updating information
  • View your PSI in our visualization environment using drag-and-drop technology
  • Access your PSI easily and efficiently on the spot from any smart device

OESuite® Mobile Applications

PSI field access is critical. From operating procedures to beginning an incident investigation, and from conducting proof testing to enacting changes, having access to information as conditions change is crucial to making the right decision. Having that kind of access means lower risk, better adherence to governance standards, and improved efficiency and effectiveness.

OESuite® Integrations / Connectors

OS offers a Technical Engineering Content and Data (also referred to as PSI) solution. At the core, our Document Management and Procedure Management modules form the backbone of our Engineering Content Management Solution.

Other key integrated modules in our framework include:

  • MOC
  • Process Risk
  • Incident Management
  • Audit Management
  • Training Management
  • Relief Device Management
  • Safety Data Sheets


Process Safety Information is complex and touches the majority of processes
in a manufacturing plant.

PSI has long been viewed as data and document management via document repository. Most companies use a basic document management system to store information that isn’t integrated or efficient or easy to maintain. Worse, thinking this basic document repository is up to date, as required, can leave you with a false sense of security that leads to making decisions without current or accurate information… leading to unnecessary risk. That may sound like basic PSI management, but without properly integrating people, materials, and equipment into your PSI management, you end up with critical gaps.

Operational Sustainability® takes the mystery out of PSI, so you can manage and integrate critical information across your organization. Our strategy, roadmap, and PSI Framework can be tailored to fit your organization.

The Foundation of Managing Changes to PSI

PSI Systems Input graphic

To support and manage dynamic changes in PSI, OESuite® users can:

  • Provide a cohesive foundation for managing change through the Management of Change + Mobile Module
  • Provide critical engineering information to the field through the Inventory and Relief Device Management Modules
  • Reduce the need for person-to-person sharing of information by using the OESuite® portal to access information anytime, anywhere.
  • Share critical documentation prior to commissioning a change through the Pre-Startup Safety Review Module
  • Build procedures through the Procedure Management Module
  • Seamlessly integrate your PSI information with our Document Management Module

No more re-inventing the wheel – our PSI Solution enables users to have a single platform to manage critical information.

OESuite Management of Change Records screen shots
OESuite® Management of Change Records

Document Management

Our OESuite® Document Management Module is the anchor of the PSI Solution, and its critical role is supported by the the Solution’s other interoperable modules– meaning all those modules are utilizing the same data sets to provide common insights.
Within OESuite®, the Document Management Module enables users to search for a document or its content, search for control engineering information, create transmittals, route information for approvals, link individual records (e.g., incidents, MOCs, work orders, inspections, etc.), and redline drawings.

OESuite document management screen shots
OESuite® Document Management

Authoring, editing, version control, redlining, distribution, receipt, and attestation are simple, secure, and repeatable with OESuite®.

OESuite Redlining Function screen shots
OESuite® Redlining Function

OESuite® Mobile Applications


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OESuite® Integrations / Connectors

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