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Today’s power generation plants need more than single software applications with isolated systems. The power generation industry needs true operational excellence programs driven by the intelligent operations approach. OS brings operational excellence consulting and the leading intelligent operations platform to the uptime, process safety, and workforce challenges the power industry faces today.

Power generating companies are seeking more sustainable sources of power to meet consumer demands, which is driving interest in – and the changeover to – wind, solar, and geothermal sources. These newer sources of power all come with their own set of workforce, asset, and compliance challenges. The move to new power facilities based on gas is not expected to abate, however. Power and utility generation companies strive for reliability to prevent outages. Knowing the true status in real time of all of the equipment in your facilities, and what its status is likely to be at any given point in the future, is the key to delivering on the promise of reliable power to consumers. The OESuite® software platform helps power companies keep their promises through its Asset Performance Management (APM) offering.

As the workforce changes and new complexities from conversions, regulations, or operational drivers enter the system, solid procedural automation and instilling a competency-based culture are important to make and sustain efficiency gains. In addition, the OESuite® software platform helps your workforce work smarter and safer, every day. Depend on OS to deliver an innovative, integrated, and holistic approach for your asset performance, EH&S, and competency management systems.

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