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Operational Excellence

Why OESuite® for Operational Excellence Matters

Industry continues to seek enhanced financial performance by running plants inside their risk appetites to achieve optimal levels of performance without experiencing enterprise losses or putting their license to operate at stake. Companies need to break down silos around departments, culture, policies and procedures, and data management to achieve and maintain Operational Excellence.

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At Operational Sustainability®, we build and implement industry solutions to support holistic Operational Excellence (OE) supported by an integrated software solution to enable:

  • Improved asset performance
  • More resilient supply chains
  • Greater production efficiency and optimization
  • Sustained operational discipline
  • Improved workforce competency and human performance
  • Enhanced compliance assurance
  • Continuous improvement
  • Focus on capital improvement

How Does OESuite® Help Companies Achieve OE?

How Do You Achieve OE?

Our OESuite® software puts everything you need to make the right decisions in one interoperable platform. We use Enterprise Loss Prevention (ELP) – or reducing risks and preventing losses – as a pathway to achieving Operational Excellence. Running at less than optimal capacities, producing off-spec product, enduring failures, operating outside of environmental permit constraints, or experiencing incidents are all risks or losses. ELP helps companies focus on the most important aspects of their journey to Operational Excellence.

Our ELP methodology delivers a blueprint that provides the desired level of interoperability – meaning multiple applications utilizing the same data sets – with ties to the main enterprise platform that can support core work processes, address changes, and provide real-time asset and risk insights. The outcome is a resilient organization that effectively balances its compliance obligations, operational risks, and financial decisions.

With OESuite®, one system drives efficient execution, and a single source of truth helps users measure and make better risk-informed decisions faster for long-term success.

OESuite® Business Benefits for Operational Excellence

Companies that achieve OE can reach new levels of performance, leading to optimal profitability and top-quartile performance. Additional business benefits include:

ELP ROI Improvement
Sources: Accenture Industry Research, 2019, IDC Worldwide Semiannual Digital Transformation Spending Guide, H12018

For example, working with OS, BP was able to save $2 billion annually.
“OS helped transform BP’s Maintenance & Reliability culture by identifying nearly $2B worth of defects that could be eliminated by focusing on optimizing Production Efficiency Improvements across our Global Upstream organization”
–VP, Global Upstream, BP

You can’t manage or mitigate what you can’t see. We help you see, understand, plan, prepare, mitigate, improve – and more than that, we know you improved.

Risk Mitigation

OESuite® Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are a key catalyst to achieving OE by leveraging core work processes that underpin Enterprise Loss Prevention. OESuite® Mobile Applications enable strategic mobility to drive performance improvements through an integrated “single pane of glass” approach. Our simple, clean, easy-to-use mobile applications deliver timely, key information to field personnel.

From work notifications to work orders and inspections, OESuite® users can manage change and work permits, execute procedures, see trends, and deliver critical information at the point of work. Why? So everyone can focus on what matters most – resulting in more efficient, effective execution of work, increased equipment uptime, enhanced plant throughput, compliance assurance, and reduced incidents.

OESuite® Integrations / Connectors

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To achieve optimal efficiency and effectiveness, companies need to leverage and integrate to key corporate systems, such as: Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Data Historians, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Human Resource (HR) systems. To do this, companies can leverage a library of OESuite® connectors.

Key integration value points with OESuite include:

  • Data Historian – Operator Rounds, Operator Logs, Integrity Operating Windows
  • LIMS – Water, Waste
  • CMMS – Work Permitting, Inspection, Reliability
  • HR – Competency, Training
  • ERP – Accounting, Inventory

Operational Excellence Advisory Services

Operational Excellence (OE) is a journey that requires strategy.

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Our OE strategic blueprint includes good practices to leverage your existing systems, while producing a roadmap to enable efficiency and effectiveness to come about in an organization. If designed properly, ELP-driven OE leads to a risk registry with operational performance objectives as an outcome. OE is a journey that requires a continuous improvement mindset as the organization matures.

Let Operational Sustainability® help you create and implement a strategy focused on driving OE.

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