Management of Change

Management of Change

Why OESuite® for Management of Change (MOC) Matters

Management of Change (MOC) is one of the most difficult business processes to embed in an organization. At Operational Sustainability®, we employ a holistic, integrated approach to drive our roadmap for Management of Change success. Our related Management of Change software, policies, standards, procedures, and field guides will bring clarity, consistency, and documentation to your organization’s facilities and culture. Whether your struggle is drafting a PSSR Policy, a Management of Organizational Change Policy, or an Alarm Change Procedure – we can help. Trust our industry experts for content you can tailor to your organization’s needs and software solutions that will mobilize and manage your existing Management of Change Processes.

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OESuite® Business Benefits for Management of Change (MOC)

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Technical Content

Operational Sustainability® assists clients with Management of Change by developing business processes, standards, policies, procedures, and field guides. The Operational Sustainability® OESuite® software effectively addresses all aspects of change from an integrated perspective, including facility, technology, and personnel changes. Our Management of Change software comes with pre-configured MOC templates, reports, and dashboards.

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Not only does OS offer customizable technical content, we also offer our industry leading OESuite® software platform with nearly 40 modules. To accelerate the implementation of our software, we offer:

  • Pre-configured Work Processes
  • Best Practices and “To Be” Workflows
  • Canned Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Computer-Based Training (CBT) Modules
  • Protocol
  • Checklists

Our Technical Content will save you thousands of hours, while allowing you to focus on your organization’s core capability.

OESuite® Mobile Applications

OS offers an enterprise mobile application platform for process safety management and other key business requirements. In particular, Management of Change and PSSR Mobile puts mission critical information in the hands of your EH&S, maintenance, and engineering personnel to more efficiently execute changes and startups. From initiating changes in a click of a button to approving MOCs with a single checkbox, OS mobile applications enable field workers to proactively and easily initiate and progress MOCs from their mobile device, in the field. Operators can access complete information on work order status, permit isolation conditions, and other important process safety information on the fly, in the field. OS’s PSSR mobile application makes it easy to address PSSR checklist items from a tablet or phone. Whether you are starting up a pump, involved in a complex turnaround, or conducting ad hoc maintenance activities, work orders and MOCs are at your disposal on your device at any time. The result is reduced cycle time, less risk, and improved operational readiness.

OESuite® Integrations / Connectors

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A robust Management of Change solution incorporates a Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR) process step. The PSSR is meant to assure that all punch list items are complete, procedures are updated, and training on the change is conducted prior to startup. PSSR is usually facilitated by a series of checklists that help determine that construction is in accordance with design specs and more simply that bolts are tight, safety showers functional, alarms audible, and a host of other issues all based on the scope of the change. A PSSR can be a standalone activity (i.e., Ad hoc Maintenance).

Management of Change regulates direct modifications to refining and chemical processes as well as changes that have indirect impact such as personnel changes. It is designed to require change review and approval in order to prevent process safety incidents. Performing a Management of Change well delivers additional payback including fewer unplanned outages since equipment uptime will be increased and startups decreased. Management of Change is a core framework element for Intelligent Operations leading to Operational Excellence.


Management of Change is perhaps the most difficult business process to implement at a facility.


In advanced operating cultures, Management of Change extends beyond compliance to become an effectiveness and efficiency solution with a significant positive impact on profitability. Done well, MOC can drive down operating costs; but all too often, Management of Change is vetted out in isolation without full business process integration and then cannot deliver the full potential for business benefits. Our team can help you assess, plan, implement, and improve your Management of Change processes.

Management of Personnel / Organizational Change

Change is a normal part of doing business, but organizational changes can impact safety just as much as facility / technology changes. Organizations can be restructured or reorganized, positions can be added or eliminated, and personnel promoted or transferred for a multitude of reasons, without warning. The Management of Organizational Change (MOOC) process must address the impact of changes affecting PSM responsibilities and competencies when changes are made to the organizational structure or when individual personnel changes are made.

Organizational Structure Change is intended to apply when there are a significant number of people and/or entire organizations involved. Significant organizational structure changes which impact positions with Process Safety Management (PSM) responsibilities or personnel in these positions. (e.g., delayering, introduction of new layers, functional consolidation, changes in reporting relationship) are some examples of this type of change.

Personnel Change is an individual change involving one position. It might be initiated due to the replacement of person in position, adding a new position, eliminating a position or a change in position responsibilities.

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If you aren’t looking at organizational change holistically, you can invite increased risk and organizational drift. OS can help you identify and manage Organizational and Personnel change efficiently and safely.

Pre-Startup Safety Review

PSSR is closely associated with Management of Change (MOC) and is required anytime a modification is significant enough to change the Process Safety Information (PSI). The purpose of PSSR is to prevent process incidents by assuring mechanical completion of the project, procedures are in place and adequate, a PHA or other hazard review is conducted with action items resolved, and training is complete. History has shown that approved chemical process changes can result in incidents due to errors where specifications, methods, construction, etc., are not executed per requirements. PSSR is required due to a number of related industry incidents where oversights in the review process, communication, or field installation resulted in releases of toxic chemicals, fires, or explosions. PSSR is generally facilitated by a number of checklists that are completed by several areas of expertise. This includes engineering, operations, maintenance, electrical, instrumentation, safety, environmental, and other disciplines. PSSR requires a formal system to assure operational readiness for a chemical process. PSSR is basically a project management framework to assure that all critical tasks are completed prior to startup.

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