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Food and Beverage Processing

Photo of a food and beverage processing facility

Today’s food and beverage processing industry needs new ideas driven by intelligent operations if they are to achieve and sustain operational excellence. OS brings operational excellence consulting and the leading intelligent operations platform to the Asset Performance Management, EH&S, Workforce, and Process Safety challenges the food and beverage processing industry faces today.

This industry faces a unique set of challenges with process safety and risk management. Their core business is the manufacturing of food and beverages, not the processing or handling of highly hazardous chemicals. However, precise process and facility control is essential to producing and maintaining quality products. Procedural automation and workforce competency are key to reducing human error and maximizing worker productivity.

Reliability must be maximized and maintenance spending minimized to achieve top quartile performance. Having an effective asset strategy will be key to maximizing operational excellence through intelligent operations.

The OESuite® software platform is tailored to address EH&S compliance, Process Safety, and Asset Performance Management challenges unique to the food and beverage processing industry, helping companies visualize their risks, manage their workforce and assets, and ensuring company goals are at the forefront of plans.

OESuite® provides the tools you need to realize new efficiencies, reduce losses, and effectively meet business goals in safety, compliance, training, and production.

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