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Cultural Safety – A Comprehensive Approach

Why OESuite® for Cultural Safety Matters

Cultural Safety is a key attribute of Enterprise Risk Management. OS offers a 20-element Cultural Safety model that addresses key Cultural Safety challenges in a systemic, repeatable way. Our web-based safety cultural assessment tool helps you understand employee perceptions and beliefs, and where your areas of opportunities exist to strengthen safety systems and reduce incidents and injuries.

In addition, OS offers Technical Content including 21 field guides, to arm field personnel with simple guidance so the 20 elements become part of your culture.

Graphic that shows the 4 levels of Operational Excellence (Cultural Safety, Conduct of Operations, Process Safety, and Operational Safety) with Cultural Safety Excellence highlighted.

Management Commitment is the overriding element

A workforce that is convinced the organization fully supports safety as a core value will tend to:

  • Do the right things
  • In the right ways
  • At the right times
    … even when no one is looking

OESuite® Business Benefits for Cultural Safety

Cultural Safety Business Benefits

Technical Content

Operational Sustainability® assists clients with Cultural Safety by developing business processes, standards, policies, procedures, and field guides. The Operational Sustainability OESuite® software effectively addresses all aspects of change from an integrated Operations Management System.

OS offers 21 Introductory Cultural Safety Field Guides to provide a framework for managing Cultural Safety. OS also offers field guides based upon standards and procedures for each of the elements, along with the Procedures and Standards listed below.

Graphic that lists all the Field Guides, Procedures, Standards, and Policies for Cultural Safety

OESuite® Mobile Applications

Graphic that shows the old way of doing things (stacks of binders and notebooks) vs. the new way of doing things (tablets, smart watches, video conference meetings)

Our mobile applications enable field personnel to log behavior-based and condition-based observations, conduct audits, and execute procedures in the field. EHS and Operations personnel can access complete information to important cultural safety information on the fly. Whether on a tablet or phone, technicians can access mission critical information is at your disposal on your device at any time. The result is safer startups, enhanced sharing of risk information, and improved efficiency.

OESuite® Integrations / Connectors

Connector icon graphic

Cultural Safety integrates with Conduct of Operations to provide a foundation for Process Safety.

Some of the core integrations required for Cultural Safety include:

  • Competency with training
  • Incidents with behaviors
  • Goals with performance

Through the integration at the core of our Intelligent Operations approach and the interoperability possible through OESuite®, all of those key systems and areas work together to drive high-reliability organizations toward Operational Excellence.


Cultural Safety is integral to Intelligent Operations.


“Culture” is a soft term used to describe an organization’s commonly held values, norms, and beliefs. While values and beliefs may seem subjective in nature, objective descriptions can be defined for the various widely held elements and principles of Cultural Safety.

Implementation of EH&S management systems to date has tended to be mechanical – setting and meeting minimal requirements – but not going further. Operational Sustainability® (OS) offers a comprehensive Operational Safety Excellence methodology that integrates cultural safety with process safety. We offer an evolutionary program that enables organizations and individuals to understand their personal behaviors in the context of the greater EH&S culture along with a roadmap showing how improvements can be generated – and maintained – within the organization.

At OS, we help you devise a strategy to achieve world-class operational safety performance. Once you have the basic elements in place, we can help you progress to Risk-Based Process Safety, incorporating relevant attributes of Conduct of Operations to achieve sustained top quartile performance.

Why Cultural Safety Excellence?

There have been several catastrophic incidents around the world that identified weaknesses in process safety culture as a significant causal factor. Developing, sustaining, and enhancing the organization’s process safety culture is one of the five elements in the Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) pillar of Commitment to Process Safety as defined in the Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety by Centers for Chemical Process Safety.

Many companies, including OS, believe that a successful Process Safety Culture is built upon a sound Conventional Safety Culture. Our OS Cultural Safety Program provides not only the foundation, but also addresses each of the Key Elements necessary for a successful Process Safety Culture – and therefore, Cultural Safety Excellence.

How does the OS approach support all elements of Process Safety Culture?

Graphic showing how a Process Safety Culture relates to OS Cultural Safety Elements

The bottom line is, if you are governed by Process Safety, the operational discipline inherent in Cultural Safety Excellence strengthens execution of Process Safety systems, resulting in Operational Safety Excellence.

The journey to Cultural Safety Excellence begins with a Safety Perception Survey to discover your employees’ true attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, and values around safety; and a Safety Assessment to set direction and begin the journey to Operational Safety Excellence.

Safety Perception Survey and Safety Assessment graphic

OS begins a cultural safety engagement with a 42-question Self-Perception Survey your employees take before we come to your facility. We analyze the results and deliver a report showing the gaps in your safety culture.

One of our trained facilitators works onsite for up to a week to do a detailed assessment at your facility. We benchmark you against five levels of performance for each of the 20 elements and deliver detailed recommendations to achieve world-class performance. We meet with your leadership team to give a high-level overview of the findings and highlight any issues that need immediate attention. We follow-up with a detailed report and another leadership workshop onsite to share a review of each of the 20 elements, the results of the assessment, and our recommendations.

If desired, OS will propose an implementation plan for the recommendations and coach your team to deliver and sustain the results.

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