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Why OESuite® for CoO Matters

Safe, reliable, compliant, and profitable operations depend on effective Conduct of Operations (CoO), which includes process safety performance as a foundation. The overall objective of CoO is structuring operational tasks in a manner consistent with the organization’s risk tolerance to ensure every task is performed deliberately and correctly, minimizing variations in performance. This means everyone, doing the right thing, at the right time, every time.

OESuite® Business Benefits for Conduct of Operations

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How Does OESuite® Help Address Conduct of Operations?

We deliver on the promise of CoO through our interoperable Operations & Production Framework. Our framework enhances collaboration and engagement, which helps improve product quality, safety, environmental performance, and effective wrench time – minimizing variations in performance to reduce risk, enhance operational integrity, and achieve Operational Discipline.
Operations and Production framework
As companies mature with CoO, they realize that better process safety, cultural safety, and management of human factors are integral to achieving sustainable Operational Discipline.
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Through our comprehensive set of integrated modules and solutions, the OESuite® Operations & Production Framework:

  • Ensures competent workers are doing safe work, leading to a high reliability organization
  • Reduces human error through effective implementation and monitoring of a PSM system
  • Empowers personnel to capture, analyze, and utilize data to drive sustainable improvements in every facet of CoO

OESuite® Mobile Applications

When it comes to delivering real-time decision support in the field via mobile devices equipped with integrated mobile apps, we take a “single pane of glass” approach to deliver intuitive, simple-to-navigate mobile applications unified with core enterprise applications… and puts them in the palm of your hand. Handling key information this way breaks down barriers by empowering field workers to access equipment health and data historian trends, and it simplifies complex work processes for mission critical tasks such as work permitting, inspection, operator rounds, work orders, and procedures. Everyone can focus on the most important tasks at hand, armed with the right information. Operations can address threats as they emerge, leading to improved profitability and operational discipline.

OESuite® Integrations / Connectors

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Conduct of Operations (CoO) is the interface between Maintenance, Engineering, and Reliability.

Some of the core integrations required for CoO include:

  • Procedures with Equipment
  • Competency with Training
  • Safe Work Practices/Work Permitting with Work Management
  • MOC with PSSR
  • Operator Rounds with Operator Logs and Shift Handover

Through the integration at the core of our approach and the interoperability possible through OESuite®, all of those key systems and areas work together to identify, analyze, and reduce sources of potential risk, or loss.


Companies are looking to reduce human error and improve Operational Discipline and efficiency.

CoO Management Systems Wheel

Operational Sustainability® can help companies develop a Conduct of Operations strategy. It starts with developing standards and procedures that define what each of these CoO Management Systems require and how to implement them. Once standards and procedures are in place, the focus shifts to how well are they being adhered to, and any gaps. As gaps are identified, OS provides a plan for closing those gaps. Finally, we create a continuous improvement process that includes auditing and performance measurements to monitor the health of the program.

Conduct of Operations: A Roadmap to Maturity

Implementing a successful CoO strategy is integral to enabling optimal production efficiency at the lowest operational risk. It provides real-time visibility into operations, maintenance, engineering, and management so everyone in the organization can focus on the things that matter. With our structured, phased approach to CoO, we can help you ensure the right decisions are be made based upon the right information – all at the right time – because minutes matter to profitability.
Conduct of Operations maturity roadmap

Connected Workforce

A Connected Workforce ultimately enables safer CoO and enhanced compliance outcomes and operational discipline. Improvements in these key areas yield bottom-line results in more efficient operations and enhanced profitability. While devices like smart phones, wearables, and tablets enable a connected workforce, it’s the relationship that a worker has with the information they need to do their job that makes the difference. Leveraging that relationship is what creates a Connected Workforce.
Connected Workforce

Operator Rounds and Logs

The core of a sound Operations & Production system starts with Operator Logs to manage shift handover. With our Operator Logs and Rounds Modules, users can:

  • Ensure shift handover is handled efficiently, managing risk and optimizing collaboration
  • Collect daily production output information and compare it with expected values
  • Capture operation information to identify potential non-conformances / exceedances
  • Leverage the Tag Function to fully automate logs by tying into an existing data historian and trending data against expected values
  • Carry out capacity planning and identify opportunities due to losses by eliminating the bad actors

Conduct of Operations Production Delta

Production Loss Analysis: Unlocking the Hidden Plant

In today’s competitive environment, operational excellence requires predictable production. Predictable production can unlock your “hidden plant,” and help you meet increased demand in a sold-out environment with little to no capital investment. That’s why the Production Loss Analysis (PLA) Module is built to account for production losses, analyze sources, and optimize overall equipment effectiveness in a manufacturing environment.
Production Loss Analysis Screenshots
Achieving this level of performance requires production events to be captured and the resulting loss monetized. The asset that caused the loss can be attached to the loss record in the system, if the loss is due to equipment failure, so bad actors can be isolated and reformed. Utilization losses versus losses due to equipment failures are distinct in the system, so operations and maintenance can see their impact and understand their role in the improvement process. Explore our Enterprise Risk Management solution.

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