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Chemical and petrochemical processors today are seeking operational excellence. But the chemical and petrochemical industry needs more than isolated, siloed software applications to achieve operational excellence. OS brings operational excellence consulting and the leading intelligent operations platform to the production, EH&S, workforce, and asset challenges the chemical and petrochemical industry faces today.

Compliance regulations continue tightening for the chemical and petrochemical industry. The low price of natural gas is helping drive major capital projects and expansions in this important sector. Rapid retirement and lost knowledge continues to be a concern as companies train their next generation of knowledge workers.

Organizational integrity is an ongoing concern, requiring that companies focus on Conduct of Operations (CoO) and Workforce Competency to maintain organizational resilience. In addition, Asset Performance Management (APM) is integral to maximize asset reliability coupled with continuous monitoring of asset health. Efficiency and effectiveness needs to be a strategic focus to maximize production and profitability, leading to operational excellence.

The OESuite® software platform gives chemical and petrochemical companies the tools they need to integrate business operations, realize efficiencies, and stay competitive. Our solution uses out-of-the-box integration with leading data platforms and features a suite of mobile applications to solve challenges with Process Safety, Control of Work/Work Permitting, and Management of Change (MOC)… while integrating those critical data streams into a real-time risk-aware software platform.

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