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Capital Projects – Current Industry Challenges

Why OESuite® for Capital Projects Matters

Despite investing large sums of capital in modifications and turnarounds, these projects often sustain significant overruns in schedules, budgets, and meeting team completion goals. Cost overruns on projects can range from $750,000 – $2,000,000 per day. One of the key areas of opportunity is in streamlining work execution. Effective wrench time in capital projects across industry is no more than 30%. Waiting on work permits 1-2 hours/shift is not uncommon. Megaprojects are both complex and massive. With a robust framework for project delivery, small issues can quickly turn into multi-million dollar overruns.

Just 31% of all projects came within 10% of the budget in the past 3 years.

From Concept and Design, through Construction, Startup and Operate – OS is here to help. Our technology puts the shared knowledge of your people and the proven expertise of our people into one integrated system – and then puts it to work on your project.

OS routinely saves clients up to 15% on capital projects by leveraging our knowledge of how to front-end load. Whether you are conducting shutdowns, turnarounds and overhauls (STO) or undertaking a major capital project, OS solutions can save you millions of dollars.

OESuite® enables companies to address all of the critical stages of a capital project from feed design to startup and handover

Graphic that shows the project phases from Concept to Design to Construct to Startup to Handoff to Decommission

OESuite® Business Benefits for Capital Projects

Graphic showing the business benefits of Capital Projects

How Does OESuite® Address Capital Projects?

CAPEX framework

OESuite® Mobile Applications

Our mobile applications enable field personnel to manage work permits, conduct audits, facilitate inspections, log incidents and near-misses, commission startups and initiate changes in the field. Operators can access complete information on permit isolation conditions, and other important process safety information on the fly. Whether on a tablet or phone, technicians can access mission critical information is at your disposal on your device at any time. The result is safer startups, enhanced sharing of risk information, and improved efficiency.

OESuite® Integrations / Connectors

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OS can help you maximize Capital Projects and Effectiveness.

Some of the core integrations required for Capital Projects include:

  • Management of Change with Work Orders
  • Turnaround Planning integration with Inspection, Maintenance and Production
  • Inspections with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
  • PHAs, Audits and Incidents with Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA)
  • Procedures with Document Management
  • Work Permits with Work Packs

Through the integration at the core of our Shutdowns / Turnarounds / Outages module and the interoperability possible through OESuite®, all of those key systems and areas work together to ensure your projects are delivered on time and on budget.


Poor planning and work permitting are challenges in many projects

  • We act as external project managers to help guide you through your capital projects and STOs
  • We offer comprehensive scheduling capabilities
  • We integrate our scheduling with other workstreams including our work order management and inspection tools
  • Our Shutdowns / Turnarounds / Outages module helps companies from conceptual design to asset handoff

Graphic of a sample refinery capital project that shows available man-hours, scheduled and unscheduled hours, hours worked, hours accounted for, hours expended on planned work, corrective work, and breakdowns. Also lists recurring annual benefits ($189-$254 million); 20-yr life and one-time benefit of $135-$175 million on a project of $1.5-$3 billion

Main Applicable PSM Elements

  • Process Safety Information – Developed throughout the project phases
  • Management of Change – Heart of project risk control
  • Process Hazard Analysis – Heart of MOC
  • Operating Procedures – Developed in the last phase of project
  • PSSR – Highly hazardous chemicals enter and before production
  • Emergency Planning and Response – Process Operation, Layout, and Design must be considered ahead of time

Human error can be reduced by addressing PSM early in the project development. Human factors and project risk management are not covered by OSHA PSM elements. Addressing these risk factors helps improve quality and reliability.

Turnaround Visualization

Screenshot of the OESuite® Visual Operations dashboard.

The OESuite® capital projects management software comes with out-of-the box integration to our Shutdowns / Outages / Turnarounds module to enable project controls and comprehensive orchestration. The result… manage your Operational Risk and Execute more efficiently.

OESuite® Mobile Applications


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