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When you are responsible for ensuring that everyone is compliant with their safety critical training and that everyone is competent in their respective areas, a formal management system can minimize the potential for human error and losses.

What do we mean by everyone is competent? A competent workforce is one where everyone understands what they need to do, when and how to do it, and has access to all necessary tools, information, and training to safely complete the work.

Companies strive to run as efficiently as possible, which means they want to optimize human performance – because if the humans aren’t performing well, the assets will also underperform. In fact, human error is by far the most significant contribution to safety and reliability challenges.

How does the Workforce Framework from OESuite®change your outcomes?


Progression from Initial Training Through Sustained Competency

The OESuite® Workforce framework integrates competency with training and personnel change to more effectively manage your workforce – including contractors, contingent or short-service employees, and changing environments. Procedural automation, simulation, and job aids enable real-time decision support, and together provide a single pane of glass for total workforce management. MOC is the binding component to ensure that as information changes, those changes reach the right people with up-to-the-minute information… regardless of their physical proximity in the same plant or whether they are working remotely.

OESuite® Business Benefits of the Workforce Framework

Business benefits for the connected workforce

Even after the coronavirus is under control, companies must face the reality of enabling remote work because it will become a competitive advantage. The right technology and systems make it possible to execute and sustain an effective and efficient move to more remote working. The OESuite® Workforce Framework enables people to reach data-driven decisions faster. More point-of-work support creates opportunities for value capture through operations and maintenance.

If you’re ready to explore a comprehensive, integrated, and simpler way to manage your workforce, shift from a training-based to competency-based culture, let’s talk.

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