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When you’re responsible for the operation of assets in a facility, you are constantly balancing profitability, loss and incident prevention, and value extraction – all of which must happen within the safe operating envelope of your assets and facility. It isn’t simple or easy.

The only way to realistically achieve the best performance – your assets operating as designed as much of the time as possible – is to have a clear, accurate picture of your overall asset operation and outcomes at all times. Otherwise, decisions made based upon one set of data points may adversely affect the overall operation. Achieving an accurate, holistic picture of asset operation doesn’t sound simple or easy, either, but it can be with the OESuite® APM Framework. And by asset, we mean both human and physical assets… because asset operation outcomes also depend on human performance, not just equipment reliability.

How does the APM framework from OESuite® Change Your Outcomes?
We know it’s sometimes hard to make the business case for further investment in technology or transformation efforts. We can help you define and clarify the business case centered around topics such as uptime, return on your assets, incident reduction, and more.

OESuite® Business Benefits for Asset Performance Management

Asset Performance Management Business Benefits

OESuite® enables APM by synchronizing production, maintenance, and other support functions through data and system interoperability across facilities and the enterprise. The end result is optimization by connecting silos, surfacing unknown risks and waste, and highlighting program dysfunction to reduce unplanned incidents.

OESuite® offers a single source of truth, single pane of glass experience for a holistic view of your assets in real time. If you’re seeking a way to put more pounds through the pipes without impacting your privilege to operate, let’s talk about a better approach to APM.

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