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Asset Performance Management

Why OESuite® for APM Matters

We’re asking more from our assets than ever before. Operational Sustainability® (OS) offers a framework of integrated, mobile-friendly software modules that work together to deliver improved Asset Performance Management (APM) outcomes. Reach your production, value, environmental, and risk management goals, and take APM beyond the traditional focus on maintenance, cost, safety systems, and condition.

At its core, the OESuite® APM Framework provides operational decision support through software enhanced with the rich industry-centric content needed for prescriptive compliance and proactive asset management throughout the asset lifecycle. Why take this approach? It delivers improved Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), enhanced compliance assurance, stronger operational discipline, and effective decision support at the point of work execution.

Holistic APM

Asset Performance Management Holistic diagram

The OESuite® APM Framework delivers:

  • Increased mobility to drive work processes, data delivery, resource utilization, and updates to the system of record
  • Enhanced EH&S compliance assurance, capital effectiveness, wrench time, and equipment uptime
  • Reduced safety incidents, energy use, emissions, inspection costs, losses of containment, emergency repairs, and inventory carrying costs
  • Minimized equipment outages and lost production
  • Improved planning, analytics, insights, workforce competency, organizational resilience, and operator-driven reliability

How Does OESuite® Deliver Best-In-Class APM?

Graphic that shows all the modules and functions for APM

Our approach to APM also includes our Mechanical Integrity Solution, meaning one integrated source of truth and no disparate systems or information silos.

OESuite® Business Benefits for Asset Performance Management

Asset Performance Management Business Benefits graphic

OESuite® Mobile Applications for APM

Mobilizing your maintenance and inspection workforce is integral to improving operating efficiencies in the field. Take readings in the field, take photos, execute tasks, pull up tags to review trends, pull up work instructions, or isolate equipment. Inspection needs to conduct visual inspections and thickness measurements while integrating with data loggers (i.e., UT readings). Why does it matter? Higher quality data gathering, quicker decisions on the shop floor, and improved profitability.

OESuite® Integrations / Connectors for APM

Connector icon graphic

The APM Framework drives interoperability and integration by based on your asset strategy through the actual execution of integrated work processes in OESuite®, including:

  • FMEA / RCM Studies
  • Integrity Operating Windows Monitoring
  • Tag Monitoring
  • Preventative and Predictive Maintenance
  • Inspection Management / Mechanical Integrity
  • Operator Rounds
  • Calibration and Proof Testing
  • Corrective and Preventative Actions
  • Condition Assessments
  • Tasks
  • Asset Health
  • Production Loss Management

APM Consulting Services

APM consulting, done well, should enable your organization to prioritize work based on a true picture of criticality, detect emerging threats, prevent equipment failures, enhance asset integrity, maximize performance, and so much more. Our industry experts will help you evaluate the options, design, and implement the right APM strategy for your organization.

Graphic that shows the phases of advanced management complexity: Manual to Computer Age to APM to APM 4.0 to Next-Generation APM

Developing an Effective Asset Strategy

Asset strategies define how you will design, operate, test, inspect, maintain, and replace your assets. The effectiveness determines performance over time of your assets in terms of throughput, reliability, availability, integrity, safety, sustainability, and lifecycle costs. As market conditions and plant alignment changes, a best-in-class asset strategy enables comprehensive interoperability with supporting processes to drive efficient and effective execution at every operational level.
APM Asset Strategy Workflow

But an asset strategy is more than just an effective strategy. A best-in-class asset strategy should enable comprehensive interoperability with supporting work processes to drive efficient, effective execution at every operational level. Having a single source of truth with interoperable modules in OESuite® makes execution more efficient, unlike previous generations of APM that were human intensive to implement.

Lifecycle Cost Analysis

OESuite® enables users to optimize the asset strategies with the goal to minimize overall asset lifecycle cost through a Lifecycle Cost Analysis (LCA) view within the Asset Analysis Module. Our LCA feature helps ensure the most valuable recommendations are approved and implemented, based on real-time, specific data from your facility’s assets.

LCA screens balance sheet

Failure Elimination Work Process

Identifying the root causes of failures is integral to managing risks, reducing human error, and identifying which assets are contributing to lost profit opportunities. Our OESuite® Failure Elimination Solution is designed to weed out bad actors in your organization, from equipment repairs, process interruptions, and safety incidents to production losses and overall reliability impacts.

Failure Elimination Work Process

Asset Health Monitoring

The OESuite® Asset Health Module synthesizes asset data sources into asset health information and provides actionable intelligence for asset management via a dashboard – providing a cockpit for reliable operations. A strong asset health program will not only extend asset life, but also plan maintenance and inspection actions to minimize their impact on operations.

Asset Health Dashboard

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