Overcoming ESG Gridlock and Challenges

Cost: Free (must register to attend; limited to first 30 registrants)


Friday September 15th, 8:15am – 11am CDT Continental Breakfast Provided


16225 Park Ten Place Drive
Suite 260
Houston, TX 77084
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Workshop Overview:

Join us as the OS team leads a data solutions discussion with IBM and Montrose Environmental about ESG and Sustainability.

You’ll learn:
  • How to devise a long-term strategy to address ESG
  • What data could make a difference and how to operationalize key data
  • What technology and systems you need to collect and manage this data efficiently and consistently
  • How to make ESG data meaningful for sound business decisions and easy to share with stakeholders in a relevant format

Sustainability is top of mind for many companies, and many have set targets and made commitments to reduce emissions. However, tracking and targeting emissions is difficult, and companies are struggling to manage key data. Many companies have established baselines for ESG, but now need to demonstrate incremental reductions each year against stated decarbonization objectives.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) management should be part of your overall Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) strategy because failing to meet targets or to perform on the social and governance portions of ESG is both a hard cost risk (potential loss) and a soft cost risk or potential loss.

Companies seeking to gain a competitive advantage by reporting and managing their climate impacts while reducing operating costs will be seen as creating value while yielding superior investments.

Companies need a strategy for the long-term to demonstrate incremental gains each year toward their decarbonization goals with a focus on deriving financial benefits from ESG.

How can organizations stay on top of what is expected and make sound business decisions that result in material impacts which can be accurately and transparently shared with stakeholders? This workshop will help you find the answer.

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