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Operational Risk Management (ORM) Webinar

Cost: Free

When: July 9, 2020, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CDT


This webinar will share why Operational Risk Management goes well beyond compliance. ORM is a comprehensive framework for managing “risk” that covers areas including EH&S, supply chain, operations, project management, maintenance, and engineering. This robust subset of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) helps companies detect and manage risks to acceptable levels to ensure business continuity. In this webinar we’ll explore why this view benefits companies in multiple ways and how to get those benefits.

Key Webinar Focus / Agenda:

  • The difference between ERM and ORM
  • Understanding how ISO 31000 can be utilized as a framework for ERM
  • What are the four foundational elements of ORM and the three maturity stages for ORM?
  • How visualizations such as Bowties add value to ORM
  • How ORM is a vehicle for maximizing production and profitability
  • How to create a risk registry for monitoring threats and create a risk control inventory
  • How do you address ORM with remote workers?
  • How does the connected workforce tie to ORM?

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