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Management Of Organizational Change (MOOC) Workshop

Cost: Free

When: October 21, 2021, 9:00 am - 11:00 am CDT

For too long, Management of Organizational Change (MOOC) has been treated as a regulatory checkbox to tick, but the standard metrics of safe operations are too narrow. MOOC must be the foundation of safe operations as COVID-19 forces the workforce to become hybrid and skew younger as the older generation retires.

In this workshop, we will examine the relationship between MOOC and Training & Competency as it identifies personnel needs and ensures the right people with the right training are in the right positions. We’ll also expand our understanding of what the right metrics of safe operations should be as the hybrid workforce grows larger and skews younger.

Key Workshop Focus / Agenda:

  • The relationship between Organizational Change with Training and Competency
  • How does a Connected Workforce lead to Operational Discipline
  • Digitally enabling a resilient workforce with a system for managing organizational change
  • How to effectively manage your culture in the face of ongoing organizational change
  • How to emerge and evolve in a way that matches the pace of organizational change
  • The difference between Personnel and Organizational Change