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Intelligent Operations Webinar

Cost: Free

When: September 15, 2020, 11:00 am - 11:45 am CST

Intelligent Operations is a bold new approach to achieve Operational Excellence (OE). Companies who implement Intelligent Operations can achieve new levels of performance, leading to optimal profitability and top quartile performance. Achieving the right balance is not a simple task – in this workshop, we’ll explore the Intelligent Operations framework.

Intelligent Operations is an agile, responsive, proactive framework that can be quickly modified as an organization matures. The key is driving interoperability of processes to unlock new business value. By building a relevant single source of truth, companies can simplify redundant processes and create a master data governance structure that undergirds the entire Intelligent Operations platform.

The two foundational ingredients for Intelligent Operations are integrated Management of Change and Enterprise Loss Prevention. At the core, Intelligent Operations addresses the management of risk and the elimination of waste, leading to a safer, more efficient, more effective organization.

This webinar will examine the key aspects of Intelligent Operations and explore effective strategies for implementing them.

Key Webinar Focus / Agenda:

  • Analyst Position on “Intelligent Operations”
  • Operations at the Point of Production
  • Production Loss Management: Uncovering the Value in Your Hidden Plant
  • Intelligent Operations as a Framework: Data Systems, Analysis, Systems of Record?
  • Exploring Practical Differences Possible through the Framework
  • Interoperability and Operational Speed
  • Maturity Model for Intelligent Operations

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