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Current Events:

Workforce / Competency

AIChE 2020 16th Annual Global Congress on Process Safety

August 17-21, 2020

Where: Meetings will be held Virtually

Conduct of Operations Webinar

August 25, 2020

Overview: Operational Discipline or Conduct of Operations is vital to structuring operational tasks to match the organization’s risk tolerance and…

Intelligent Operations Workshop

September 9, 2020

Where: Virtual event

Login details will be provided to registered attendees in advance of the workshop.

Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs) Webinar

September 15, 2020

Overview: Attendees will explore best practices for Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs) and why they are a critical part of integrated…

Management Of Organizational Change (MOOC) Webinar

September 29, 2020

Overview: Most companies focus on facility and technology change to address their compliance needs, but only a few of these…

Process Safety Information Webinar

October 6, 2020

Overview: PSI is perhaps one of the most complex work processes to automate due to the sheer amount of interoperability…

SMRP 28th Annual Conference

October 19-22, 2020

Where: Columbus, OH

Next Generation Operator Rounds Webinar

October 20, 2020

Overview Companies know efficient operation is a key to improving profitability. Changes to operation are constrained by compliance, and decision…

Next Generation Operator Logs Webinar

October 21, 2020

Overview Managing shift handovers well is one key to improving profitability and managing risks. Integrating the board operator with the…

PSSR Webinar

November 10, 2020

Overview: Learn more about protecting workers more effectively with PSSR before and during projects – ensuring affected parties are aware…

Incident Management and Loss Prevention Webinar

November 24, 2020

Overview: Everyday, unwanted events impact productivity and revenue and delay company responses to urgent operational matters. In this webinar, we’ll…

Work Permitting Webinar

December 15, 2020

Overview: Work permitting is a complex business process. Many permits and certificates must be successfully integrated with scheduling to orchestrate…