Poor organization of work permits / hot work leads to poor work execution for routine maintenance and capital projects, not to mention the risk of near misses and safety incidents.

Work Permitting + Mobile

OESuite Visual Operations
Figure 1 - OESuite® Visual Operations

The OESuite® Work Permitting + Mobile Module is interoperable – meaning, all key systems and areas work together from shared data and a shared operational view to achieve Operational Excellence – with all other OESuite® modules. This leads to more cohesive, efficient Control of Work (CoW) work process execution and effective work execution across an organization.

Through the inherent interoperability of OESuite®, users can:

  • Review renewal or expiration status of work permits and certificates in real-time
  • Anticipate project congestion through OESuite® Simultaneous Operations
  • Risk assess jobs and determine safety mitigations from the OESuite® Process Risk Module
  • Link to engineering information in the OESuite® Document Management + Mobile Module and leverage our integration to Microsoft SharePoint
  • Enable Pre-Startup Safety Reviews (PSSR) to be seamlessly conducted from the OESuite® Pre-Startup Safety Review + Mobile Module
  • View work permits in the work area within the OESuite® Operator Logs Module
  • Spawn work notifications and work requests from work permits and print work packs in the OESuite® Work Management + Mobile Module or other leading work order systems (i.e., SAP PM, IBM Maximo)

The mobile capabilities of OESuite® also enable your team to work online or offline to view permits and certificates, capture gas tests, enable PSSRs, and perform signoffs in the field and automatically sync information when next connected.

Technical Content for Safe Work

OS also offers optional technical content for the OESuite® Work Permitting + Mobile Module with ready-to-go processes, standards, policies, procedures, field guides, and audit protocols to accelerate time to value. For a complete list of OS technical content for safe work, visit our Technical Content webpage.

Work Permitting Module
Figure 2 - OESuite® Work Permitting Module

The OESuite® Work Permitting + Mobile Module supports five permit types (e.g., cold work, hot work, confined space entry, electrical, ground disturbance) for CoW processes and utilizes some commonly used certificates and special permits, including:

  • Use of resins
  • Painting
  • Dismantling or erecting of scaffolding
  • Critical lifts (e.g., heavy lifts, high wind lifts)
  • Grinding
  • Welding
  • Lockout / Tagouts (LOTO)
  • Inspection in a confined space
  • Connecting / disconnecting electric motors
  • Instrument panels and instrumentation work
  • Hot work, cold work, energy isolation, and/or electrical work in a confined space
  • Excavation utilizing mechanical equipment where a spotter is needed near powerlines
  • Work that requires one call to be made to the appropriate agency prior to work commencing
  • Power supplies
  • Radioactive materials
  • PCBs and other dangerous chemicals
  • Extremely hazardous conditions

Users can add or modify our existing certificate templates to accommodate their unique workflows.

Pre-Job JSA
Figure 3 - OESuite® Pre-Job JSA

Users can also create their own forms easily using the simple, intuitive drag-and-drop functionality of OESuite® or start by using our out-of-the-box permit form templates based on established OS technical standards for safe work practices to enhance your governance.

The OESuite® Work Permitting + Mobile Module enhances your effective wrench time, avoiding costly extended shutdowns and turnarounds while protecting your workers by guiding them to the proper operational decision.

The Work Permitting + Mobile Module is a key component of these OESuite® Frameworks and Solutions:

  • Operations & Production Framework
  • Process Safety Framework
  • Workforce Framework
  • Capital Projects Solution
  • Contractor Safety Management Solution
  • These are the core functions in all OESuite® Modules:

    • Ad Hoc Reporting
    • Archiving
    • Asset Registry / Navigation
    • Audit Trail
    • Calculation Engine
    • Coordination Compliance
    • Configurable Notifications
    • Damage Mechanisms
    • Data Export / Import
    • Document Links / Attachments
    • Form Builder
    • Integration / Connectors
    • KPI Manager
    • Material Library
    • Mobile Applications
    • Module and Hierarchy Specific Security
    • Multi-Lingual / International Formatting
    • My Obligations / Calendar
    • My Subscriptions
    • Obligation Reassignment
    • OE View
    • Planning / Scheduling
    • Portal
    • RACI Chart
    • Redlining
    • Report Builder
    • Risk Ranking
    • Risk Registry
    • Robust Search
    • Single Sign On (SSO)
    • Standard Reporting
    • Tags
    • Verification
    • Visual Operations
    • Workflow (Initiate, Approval, Execution, etc.)

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