Safety Lifecycle Solution

Proper safety lifecycle management through our Safety Lifecycle Solution begins with facilitating a new PHA study or revalidating a previous study. Information from the study is made available for LOPA automatically based on risk-level filtering. OESuite® users can leverage our LOPA Feature to credit independent protective functions that sync to ensure you have the proper level of engineering and administrative safeguards while assessing changes to threats in real time.

Figure 2 - OESuite® PHA / LOPA Worksheet

After identifying Independent Protective Layer (IPL) gaps, engineers can develop Safety Requirement Specifications (SRS) and facilitate SIL selection and verification. OESuite® offers a robust SIL verification calculation engine and library of component type data.

Through our Safety Lifecycle Solution, users can conduct proof testing in the field according to the defined test interval and manage their SIS processes in accordance with industry standards (e.g., ISA 84 / IEC61511, OSHA 1910.119, 40 CFR Part 68). OESuite’s closed-loop system also highlights and diminishes risks and vulnerabilities before they lead to failures and incidents.

IPF details
Figure 3 - OESuite® IPF SIL Verification
Figure 4 - OESuite® SIS Mobile

Whether you are operating a plant or addressing a capital project need, your personnel need to have a shared understanding of safeguard availability, plant configuration changes, and the necessity of managing risks as threats emerge. Through the OESuite® Safety Lifecycle Solution’s inherent interoperability, users can address changes to equipment and alarm setpoints, track operations and maintenance work orders, and track process safety tag bypasses.

Figure 5 - OESuite® Alarm Review Checklist

OESuite® can also:

  • Manage alarm design, operator documentation, setpoint changes, alarm rationalization, alarm shelving, automated event logs, and key performance indicator generation from the Alarm & IOW Management Module
  • Track relief device information, scenarios, orifice sizing requirements, inspection requirements, and pop-test results in the Relief Device Management Module
  • Associate assets back to individual LOPA scenarios as safeguards and IPLs through the LOPA Feature
  • Log events, conduct formal investigations, and track recommendations to completion in the Incident Management + Mobile Module
  • Manage design, equipment, operation, and technology changes to ensure every change is thoroughly evaluated before any modification and to inform impacted personnel through the Management of Change + Mobile Module
  • Use the Inspection Management + Mobile Module to manage the periodic inspection and calibration of sensors and critical elements and the findings from those inspections
  • Protect your personnel while executing work orders and capture any findings using the Work Permitting Module + Mobile
Figure 6 - OESuite® Incident Details

The safety and success of every process facility depends on comprehensive safety lifecycle management. Enable unified risk management through the OESuite® Safety Lifecycle Solution, covering all your safety lifecycle management needs – so that real visibility can lead to real peace of mind.

These are the core functions in all OESuite® Modules:

  • Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Archiving
  • Asset Registry / Navigation
  • Audit Trail
  • Calculation Engine
  • Coordination Compliance
  • Configurable Notifications
  • Damage Mechanisms
  • Data Export / Import
  • Document Links / Attachments
  • Form Builder
  • Integration / Connectors
  • KPI Manager
  • Material Library
  • Mobile Applications
  • Module and Hierarchy Specific Security
  • Multi-Lingual / International Formatting
  • My Obligations / Calendar
  • My Subscriptions
  • Obligation Reassignment
  • OE View
  • Planning / Scheduling
  • Portal
  • RACI Chart
  • Redlining
  • Report Builder
  • Risk Ranking
  • Risk Registry
  • Robust Search
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Standard Reporting
  • Tags
  • Verification
  • Visual Operations
  • Workflow (Initiate, Approval, Execution, etc.)

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