The Operational Sustainability® 
(OS) OESuite® Process Safety Information (PSI) Solution dynamically and effectively manages all aspects of PSI through an interoperable set of modules and features to give you a clearer picture of your operational risk.

Process Safety Information Solution

With the PSI Solution, users can:
  • Create documents, make changes, and track revisions, create a file structure and upload multiple files at the same time, use workflows for routing and approval, redline drawings, walk down P&IDs in the field, and auto-archive files to ensure nothing is lost
  • Leverage a library of templates, create custom procedures, relate procedures to equipment, trigger MOCs, make revisions, and execute procedures in the field on a mobile device
  • Build out equipment taxonomy and visualize metadata
  • Track and manage changes, enable risk assessments, review hazards, conduct Pre-Startup Safety Reviews using custom checklists, and close out post-commissioning items
  • Track and manage your materials, maintain an up-to-date inventory of chemicals on-site, track inventory transactions and maximum intended inventory, track warranties, and create purchase requisitions
  • Author and manage outgoing Safety Data Sheets (SDS), manage material information, develop work processes for chemical approvals, track compliance requirements, and integrate with your chemical inventory
  • Quickly screen your Pressure Relief Devices (PRD), capture design information and key operating parameters, track maintenance and testing history, access PSI, and quickly evaluate changes that may impact an existing PRD
Document Management
Figure 1 - OESuite® Document Management
Procedural Automation
Figure 2 - OESuite® Procedural Automation
Figure 3 - OESuite® Noding and Redlining
Figure 4 - OESuite® Management of Change Records
Figure 5 - OESuite® Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
Figure 6 - OESuite® Pressure Relief Device Management
Figure 7 - OESuite® Inventory Management

OESuite® also makes your PSI easily accessible to across your organization, whether users are in the office, on the floor, or in the field. Compliance auditing is a snap as properties, equipment, materials, SDSs, policies, procedures, and drawings can be searched quickly and easily via computer rather than hunting through file drawers.

Back-end workflows allow for routing and approval so that required inputs can be sought by required reviewers. Reviewers and approvers receive notifications and reports of policies awaiting review. The level of security is fully customizable by the client and not governed by a predetermined hierarchy. OESuite® is also integrated with leading content management systems including Microsoft SharePoint™ and OpenText™ Documentum™.

Put critical information for operations into the hands of the people who need it most with the OESuite® PSI Solution.

These are the core functions in all OESuite® Modules:

  • Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Archiving
  • Asset Registry / Navigation
  • Audit Trail
  • Calculation Engine
  • Coordination Compliance
  • Configurable Notifications
  • Damage Mechanisms
  • Data Export / Import
  • Document Links / Attachments
  • Form Builder
  • Integration / Connectors
  • KPI Manager
  • Material Library
  • Mobile Applications
  • Module and Hierarchy Specific Security
  • Multi-Lingual / International Formatting
  • My Obligations / Calendar
  • My Subscriptions
  • Obligation Reassignment
  • OE View
  • Planning / Scheduling
  • Portal
  • RACI Chart
  • Redlining
  • Report Builder
  • Risk Ranking
  • Risk Registry
  • Robust Search
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Standard Reporting
  • Tags
  • Verification
  • Visual Operations
  • Workflow (Initiate, Approval, Execution, etc.)

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Operational Sustainability® makes operational excellence simple.

Succeeding in today’s complex, highly-regulated industries depends on how well your company manages operational risk and enables operational discipline. Our world-class advisory services and our industry-leading cloud-based, highly configurable software work together to enable your company to achieve operational excellence. To implement OE 4.0 and sustain operational integrity, companies must balance production goals with reliability, safety, and human and environmental factors. We identify and help you solve any issues to move to a real-time, mobilized risk-aware culture. With an average of more than 30 years of industry experience each, our advisors can design a solution tailored to your company’s culture and needs.

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