OESuite® Operations & Production Framework

The Operational Sustainability® (OS) OESuite® Operations & Production Framework provides a comprehensive overview of operational tasks that fully conform with the organization’s risk tolerance to ensure every task is performed deliberately, correctly, and consistently – minimizing variations in performance. This framework also helps deliver safe, compliant, and reliable operations, while continuously improving performance leading to a competitive advantage.

Safe, reliable, and compliant operations depend on process safety performance as a foundation, which includes Conduct of Operations (CoO) as a risk-based element, and human performance, dictated by organizational culture and functions as a reflection of leadership.

For instance, incident investigations don’t identify the core human and organizational elements that contributed to the accident, which means organizations cannot learn and improve efficiently. The OESuite® Operations & Production Framework aims to reduce these errors that lie at the heart of many accidents, ultimately mitigating the impact of human or organizational factors on failure.

Management plays a key role in reducing human error by providing discipline through CoO. Within the OESuite® Operations & Production Framework, teams can collaborate in real-time to execute complex procedures and work instructions, issue work notifications, conduct operator rounds, ensure equipment stays within safe operational levels, and document field work activities, regardless of their actual physical proximity. OESuite® also enables a Connected Workforce, leading to Operational Discipline through our integrated set of frameworks, modules, and features. Ultimately, this delivers sustainable excellence in your operations, leading to additional efficiency and profitability.

The OESuite® Operations & Production Framework enables operations to calculate the cost of downtime, including repair costs, delays in getting spare parts, production costs, and more, to help quantify challenges and maximize profits. Users can perform Pareto analyses and calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). As users optimize their processes and improve production yield across their organization, OESuite® also recalculates key variables to ensure continued optimal EHS Compliance performance.

Our interoperable framework is built to enhance collaboration and engagement, product quality, safety, environmental performance, and effective wrench time through the integration of core modules, as shown in our CoO / Connected Workforce workflow. The OESuite® Operations & Production Framework is also capable of gathering, analyzing, and utilizing all of that essential interrelated data to support the desired outcomes, because maximizing production is measured in minutes and hours.

Ultimately, the OESuite® Operations & Production Framework will help you maximize production, while ensuring you have a competent workforce doing safe work leading to a high reliability organization. By leveraging our comprehensive framework users can achieve a complete 360-degree view of their operations.

Software Introduction

With OESuite®, users can:
  • Complete the operational picture by collecting critical data from both your workforce and existing assets to comprehensively manage operational risks and improve operational discipline
  • Empower their field workers with a single pane of glass view based on interoperability – multiple applications all utilizing the same data sets to generate a holistic view of the organization
  • Compare previous readings with current readings through the Tag Function
  • Minimize risk at shift handover and eliminate unsafe acts
  • Safely commission equipment
  • Determine if an integrity operating envelope or window has been exceeded
  • Close out a Management of Change (MOC) or action items on a device (e.g., tablet, phone)
  • Complete an assigned task
  • Access a procedure to execute in the field
  • Maintain effective control system integrity
  • Deliver a competent workforce with appropriate priorities
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Clarify goals and accountabilities
  • Share lessons learned

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Software Screen Examples

Example 1 – Work Management

Initiate work orders, access a bill of materials, execute job plans, track effective wrench time, and close out work orders.

Software Screen Examples

Example 2 – Procedural Automation

Pull down a procedure to do work in the field, check off tasks, enable simultaneous operations, enact workarounds, take pictures or videos, attach drawings, and spawn work orders or MOCs.

Software Screen Examples

Example 3 - Operator Rounds

Take readings in the field, take photos, execute tasks, pull up tags to review trends, pull up work instructions, or isolate equipment.

Software Screen Examples

Example 4 - Work Permits / Work Packs

Plan permit activities, request permits, conduct risk assessments, isolate energy sources, enable pre-startup safety reviews, perform digital sign-offs via mobile devices, perform gas testing, enable bypasses, issue certificates, and renew or reissue new permits at the shift handover.

Software Screen Examples

Example 5 - Mobile Inspection Measurements

Plan your day and download equipment, conduct visual inspections, gather thickness measurements, and trigger work notifications.

Software Screen Examples

Example 6 - SIS Mobile

Conduct and document test results of components and instruments according to test sequence defined for the Independent Protection Function (IPF). Capture the recommendations, take photos, or attach any documentation to the record.

Operational Sustainability® makes operational excellence simple.

Operational Sustainability® makes operational excellence simple.Succeeding in today’s complex, highly regulated industries depends on how well your company manages enterprise risk to minimize enterprise losses and enable continuous improvement without putting your privilege to operate at risk. Our industry-leading, cloud-based, highly configurable OESuite® software, supported by our world-class advisory services and technical content, enables your company to achieve and sustain operational excellence. With an average of more than 30 years of industry experience each, our advisors can design a solution tailored to your company’s culture and needs. Learn how Operational Sustainability® can accelerate your journey to operational excellence through our industry-leading OESuite® software platform, technical content, and our industry experts. See our full slate of free webinars, workshops, white papers, detailed module information, and scheduled workshops online at www.DrivingOE.com.Schedule your free consultation and demo today.

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