OESuite® Process Safety Framework

At the core, Process Safety Management (PSM) is a system comprised of multiple elements with no regulatory requirement to do more than meet the minimum. PSM should, of course, maintain compliance. Still, we think it should be enhanced as necessary through alignment with best practices to improve overall process safety. One truth we’ve proven through our experience and industry research is that effective PSM today depends on accurate data management across aligned systems and departments; that leads to more efficient, effective execution of process safety, not just reduced operational risk.. In turn, accurate data management requires a commitment, first to determine what matters – and therefore what must be measured and managed – and second to implement an aligned PSM software solution like the Operational Sustainability® (OS) OESuite® Process Safety Framework that is capable of gathering, analyzing, and utilizing all of that essential interrelated data to support the desired outcomes.

How? The OESuite® Process Safety Framework employs a comprehensive, interoperable set of modules aligned with the latest best practices in safety culture and execution strategies to deliver sustainable process safety improvements.

Process Safety is part of your basic license to operate, as well as a starting point to develop a risk registery. This means PSM will continue to be a focus for process industries due to ongoing performance challenges–but their view of PSM is too narrow. Focusing only on safety in your organization as a measure of success won’t yield optimum results, because safety alone ignores many operational risks. To bridge this gap, OS holistically addresses PSM concerns with our integrated, interoperable Process Safety Framework of modules and features.

The OESuite® Process Safety interoperability model will move your focus from safety to comprehensive risk and reduce process safety incidents through the integration of several core modules, as shown in our Process Safety Framework. OESuite® also offers an API 754 reporting engine and supports our Process Safety Health perspective.

PSM, done well, crosses numerous departmental boundaries, making it difficult to get to a single source of truth. The OESuite® Process Safety Framework’s interoperable modules generates this single source of truth by building a unified data structure that holistically addresses Process Safety, leading to more efficient execution and actionable insights across an organization, rather than depending upon lagging indicators.

With our Process Safety Framework, users can:

  • Enable better PSM execution, leading to Operational Discipline
  • Lower operational risks by advancing beyond traditional process safety compliance and embracing Risk-Based Process Safety (RBPS)
  • Make the right investments in process safety resources to protect lives and value, and move toward Operational Excellence

The OESuite® Process Safety Framework also covers the traditional elements and more advanced RBPS elements. By leveraging this comprehensive framework with our Operations & Production, EHS Compliance, and Workforce Frameworks, and Process Safety Information and Mechanical Integrity Solutions, users can achieve a complete 360-degree view of their compliance obligations and operational risks.

Software Screen Examples

Example 1 – Procedural Automation

Leverage a library of templates, create custom procedures, relate procedures to equipment, trigger MOCs, make revisions, and execute procedures in the field on a mobile device.

Software Screen Examples

Example 2 – PHA / LOPA Study

Leverage a library of Intelligent PHA templates, conduct pre-work and noding, conduct risk assessments, track follow through actions and MOCs, see previous incident history and relief device history, and generate reports.

Software Screen Examples

Example 3 – Work Permits / Work Packs / LOTO

Plan permit activities, request permits, conduct risk assessments, isolate energy sources, enable pre-startup safety reviews, perform digital sign-offs via mobile devices, perform gas testing, enable bypasses, issue certificates, and renew or reissue new permits at the shift handover. Leverage pre-configured workflow templates and technical standards for MOC.

Software Screen Examples

Example 4 – Management of Change

Track not-in-kind changes, manage temporary, permanent, and emergency changes, enable a risk assessment, conduct a pre-startup safety review using your checklists, and close out post commissioning items.

Software Screen Examples

Example 5 – Mechanical Integrity

Conduct visual inspections and gather thickness measurements, create a monitoring strategy using corrosion control documents, identify damage mechanisms, create integrity operating windows, track deficiencies, and track remaining half-life of your equipment.

Software Screen Examples

PSM Regulatory Matrix

Operational Sustainability® makes operational excellence simple.

Operational Sustainability® makes operational excellence simple.Succeeding in today’s complex, highly regulated industries depends on how well your company manages enterprise risk to minimize enterprise losses and enable continuous improvement without putting your privilege to operate at risk. Our industry-leading, cloud-based, highly configurable OESuite® software, supported by our world-class advisory services and technical content, enables your company to achieve and sustain operational excellence. With an average of more than 30 years of industry experience each, our advisors can design a solution tailored to your company’s culture and needs. Learn how Operational Sustainability® can accelerate your journey to operational excellence through our industry-leading OESuite® software platform, technical content, and our industry experts. See our full slate of free webinars, workshops, white papers, detailed module information, and scheduled workshops online at www.DrivingOE.com.Schedule your free consultation and demo today.

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