OESuite® EHS Compliance Framework

The Operational Sustainability® (OS) OESuite® Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Compliance Framework provides a comprehensive solution to ensure your license to operate remains intact – enhancing compliance assurance. The EHS Compliance Framework also delivers safe, environmentally compliant operations, while maximizing transparency and minimizing operational risks.

Safe, environmentally compliant operations depend on emissions management as a foundation, which includes air, water, waste, and fugitive emissions. The OESuite® EHS Compliance Framework reduces potential safety and environmental consequences by identifying risks, capturing events, and maintaining compliance with permit constraints to ensure your operations aren’t impacted by potential compliance constraints.

Management plays a key role in preventing consent decrees through properly managing the company’s permitting and compliance activities. Within the EHS Compliance Framework, teams can:

  • Access permits
  • Manage compliance tasks
  • Monitor emissions limits
  • Update chemical inventories
  • Assess hazards
  • Log near-misses and incidents in the office or from the field

OESuite® also enables compliance assurance through our integrated set of frameworks, solutions, modules, and features. Ultimately, this delivers compliance excellence in your operations, leading to the lowest operating risk and emission footprint at the best operational efficiency.

The EHS Compliance Framework allows users to:

  • Manage chemical inventories
  • Track emissions
  • Identify and manage hazards
  • Manage change
  • Empower field personnel with critical EHS compliance information
  • Log incidents
  • Conduct audits
  • Track compliance obligations to timely closure

With OESuite®, nothing falls through the cracks as plant alignment and operating conditions change. OESuite® also enables you to push your production up against your permit constraints to maximize profitability while meeting regulatory compliance obligations.

Our interoperable framework is built to enhance compliance assurance, while minimizing human error and managing risk through the integration of core modules. The EHS Compliance Framework is also capable of gathering, analyzing, and utilizing essential interrelated data to support the desired outcomes.

The result is a risk registry, comprised of risks that need to be managed. Risk registries are more than a set of static variables; they are living, breathing systems of inputs and components constantly being updated, hence the dynamic nature of risk due to change. OESuite® is built to be interoperable, helping companies build dynamic risk registries and manage operational risk more effectively.

Maximizing compliance at the lowest risk is an expectation of all internal and external stakeholders, especially in light of new Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) requirements. Ultimately, our EHS Compliance Framework will help you minimize compliance excursions and human error, while ensuring you have the compliance information required to maintain your privilege to operate. By leveraging our comprehensive framework, users can achieve a complete 360-degree view of their organization’s compliance activities.

Software Introduction

With OESuite®, users can:
  • Empower field workers with a single pane of glass view based on interoperability
  • Identify chemical hazards and track chemical inventories
  • Track air, water, and waste emissions and assess safety hazards
  • Create sustainability reports and risk registries of compliance risks
  • Track impending action items to closure
  • Commission equipment and startup safely
  • Determine if an integrity operating envelope or window has been exceeded
  • Close out Management of Change (MOC) or action items on a device
  • Execute work permits, redline drawings, and access procedures to execute in the field
  • Manage process safety information and asset integrity
  • Ensure compliance with training requirements and legal / regulatory requirements
  • Deliver a competent workforce with appropriate priorities
  • Address safety lifecycle management needs

For more information, visit OESuite.com.

Software Screen Examples

Example 1 – Air / GHG

Create emissions sources and apply emissions factors and calculations to inventory their sources. Make decisions regarding operation and production schedules by calculating emissions using various scenarios. Track greenhouse gases and track allowances.

Software Screen Examples

Example 2 – Waste Management

Manage hazardous and non-hazardous waste from cradle to grave. Users can create containers, profile waste streams, create manifests, track container movements, and track shipments. Prepare management cost tracking and regulatory reports, including biennial regulatory and SARA 313 reports.

Software Screen Examples

Example 3 - Work Permits / Work Packs

Plan permit activities, request permits, conduct risk assessments, isolate energy sources, enable pre-startup safety reviews, perform digital sign-offs via mobile devices, perform gas testing, enable bypasses, issue certificates, and renew or reissue new permits at the shift handover.

Software Screen Examples

Example 4 - Management of Change

Track not-in-kind changes, manage temporary, permanent, and emergency changes, enable a risk assessment, conduct a pre-startup safety review using your checklists, and close out post commissioning items.

Software Screen Examples

Example 5 - Training Management

Ensure contractors and employees stay current with company and facility training beyond the initial screening process. Training results within OESuite® can be utilized to generate training certificates, issue badges, manage site access, and authorize equipment operation.

Software Screen Examples

Example 6 - Procedural Automation

Pull down a procedure to do work in the field, check off tasks, enable simultaneous operations, enact workarounds, take pictures or videos, attach drawings, and spawn work orders or MOCs.

Operational Sustainability® makes operational excellence simple.

Operational Sustainability® makes operational excellence simple.Succeeding in today’s complex, highly regulated industries depends on how well your company manages enterprise risk to minimize enterprise losses and enable continuous improvement without putting your privilege to operate at risk. Our industry-leading, cloud-based, highly configurable OESuite® software, supported by our world-class advisory services and technical content, enables your company to achieve and sustain operational excellence. With an average of more than 30 years of industry experience each, our advisors can design a solution tailored to your company’s culture and needs. Learn how Operational Sustainability® can accelerate your journey to operational excellence through our industry-leading OESuite® software platform, technical content, and our industry experts. See our full slate of free webinars, workshops, white papers, detailed module information, and scheduled workshops online at www.DrivingOE.com.Schedule your free consultation and demo today.

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