Identifying the root causes of failures is integral to managing risks, reducing human error, and identifying
which assets are contributing to lost profit opportunities.

Failure Elimination Solution

Figure 2 - Root Cause Analysis Methodology
Figure 3 - OESuite® Pareto Analysis Charts
Figure 4 - OESuite® Asset Registry
Figure 5 - RCA Fault Tree & Bad Actor List in OESuite®

With the OESuite® Failure Elimination Solution, users can:

  • Log root causes of non-acceptable failures in the Incident Management + Mobile Module
  • Leverage structured libraries of asset master data, including failure codes, in the Work Management + Mobile Module or use our integration connectors to leading Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software providers
  • Fine-tune asset strategies to achieve world-class asset performance
  • Bring uniformity to the analysis and elimination of failures
  • Generate preventive maintenance and inspection tasks
  • Apply condition monitoring
  • Execute operator rounds
Figure 6 - OESuite® Production Events
Figure 7 - OESuite® Failure Code Library
Figure 8 - OESuite® Root Cause Analysis

OESuite® addresses Failure Elimination through an eight-step process:

  1. Collect asset information from the Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and EAM systems while leveraging an asset taxonomy and analyzing the work history
  2. Analyze failure histories within work orders for failures by asset, component, cause, repair cost, and more
  3. Categorize and quantify production losses to enrich the Pareto Analysis and assign bad actors through the Production Loss Analysis (PLA) Module
  4. Bad actors are identified and nominated for investigation using the Asset Analysis Module
  5. Bad actors are investigated using the incident type RCA in the Incident Management + Mobile Module
  6. Recommendations are created to address the root causes of the RCA investigation
  7. Recommendations not requiring a Management of Change (MOC) or Replacement-in-Kind are implemented where appropriate (e.g., procedures, asset strategy changes, etc.)
  8. For the actions that involve a Not-In-Kind change, our MOC process manages items to closure
Figure 9 - OESuite® Failure Elimination Workflow

Proper Failure Elimination greatly reduces equipment downtime, off-spec product, safety incidents, and environmental excursions – and therefore contributes to both value protection and value extraction. From identifying the assets that are eating your lunch to determining the solutions to help you become less reactive, our Failure Elimination Solution will enhance your bottom line.

These are the core functions in all OESuite® Modules:

  • Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Archiving
  • Asset Registry / Navigation
  • Audit Trail
  • Calculation Engine
  • Coordination Compliance
  • Configurable Notifications
  • Damage Mechanisms
  • Data Export / Import
  • Document Links / Attachments
  • Form Builder
  • Integration / Connectors
  • KPI Manager
  • Material Library
  • Mobile Applications
  • Module and Hierarchy Specific Security
  • Multi-Lingual / International Formatting
  • My Obligations / Calendar
  • My Subscriptions
  • Obligation Reassignment
  • OE View
  • Planning / Scheduling
  • Portal
  • RACI Chart
  • Redlining
  • Report Builder
  • Risk Ranking
  • Risk Registry
  • Robust Search
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Standard Reporting
  • Tags
  • Verification
  • Visual Operations
  • Workflow (Initiate, Approval, Execution, etc.)

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