Operational Sustainability® (OS) offers our full integrated OESuite® Asset Health Module as part of our Operational Excellence platform. The Asset Health Module synthesizes valuable asset data sources into asset health information and provides actionable intelligence for asset repair or replacement via a clear dashboard – putting you in the cockpit for reliable operations.

Asset Health

The OESuite® Asset Health Module features a dashboard that uses OS data connectors to integrate data from data historians such as OSI PI and IP.21 to create triggers and build workflows from calls to action, including RCA. Data connections to your EAM systems help monitor and track follow through and can modify your P-F intervals as conditions change in the plant.

OS Visual Asset Health Dashboard
Figure 2 - OS Visual Asset Health Dashboard

From the dashboard, drill down views to individual indicators provide the information you need to accelerate and improve decision-making, with the lead time you need to minimize disruption to production, work schedules and other plant activities. The dashboard features configurable health condition descriptions, range, and colors to tailor the view to your company culture. Gain insight into elevated risks and ensure appropriate personnel are alerted through our integrated notifications. Place bad actors on an asset watch list to monitor closely and further control your risks.

Use the Asset Health Module to aggregate information from other sources:

  • Vibration data to create an asset watch list
  • Wall thickness data to note remaining life
  • Monitor real-time corrosion data, combining all the potential inputs to monitor the asset health

Getting started is easy. Choose your specific types of assets from our library of asset health to accelerate your journey. Our powerful mapping and expression editor allows you to tailor the indicators to local conditions. Indicator templates can be created by asset category and then applied to your fleet of assets for a consistent model.

The OESuite® Asset Health Module drives a proactive attitude in your asset management processes and is a crucial element in our Intelligent Operations philosophy.

The Asset Health Module is a key component of these OESuite® Frameworks:

  • APM Framework
  • Operations & Production Framework
  • These are the core functions in all OESuite® Modules:

    • Ad Hoc Reporting
    • Archiving
    • Asset Registry / Navigation
    • Audit Trail
    • Calculation Engine
    • Coordination Compliance
    • Configurable Notifications
    • Damage Mechanisms
    • Data Export / Import
    • Document Links / Attachments
    • Form Builder
    • Integration / Connectors
    • KPI Manager
    • Material Library
    • Mobile Applications
    • Module and Hierarchy Specific Security
    • Multi-Lingual / International Formatting
    • My Obligations / Calendar
    • My Subscriptions
    • Obligation Reassignment
    • OE View
    • Planning / Scheduling
    • Portal
    • RACI Chart
    • Redlining
    • Report Builder
    • Risk Ranking
    • Risk Registry
    • Robust Search
    • Single Sign On (SSO)
    • Standard Reporting
    • Tags
    • Verification
    • Visual Operations
    • Workflow (Initiate, Approval, Execution, etc.)

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    OS overview

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