OESuite® APM Framework

Every asset and system in an organization produces data that provides insight for smarter decision making when gathered, analyzed, and utilized. Ignoring or underutilizing it leaves your organization vulnerable to operating reactively instead of proactively, harming your competitive advantage, your bottom line, and your overall performance. The Operational Sustainability (OS) OESuite® Asset Performance Management (APM) Framework optimizes assets to balance your organization’s need for sustainable production, asset utilization, and risk control.

Key APM Work Processes

APM is a collection of work processes orchestrated to maximize physical asset performance, mitigate failure risk, and optimize maintenance cost. OS addresses APM through our interoperable framework of key supporting solutions and modules.

Companies need a smarter way to deal with the large volumes of data generated across their fleet each day. The OESuite® APM Framework provides real-time feedback of their asset strategy effectiveness and efficiency to reach optimum performance through several core modules. We’re asking more from our assets than ever before. To deliver on production, cost savings, environmental, and risk management goals, the OESuite® APM Framework embeds operational intelligence to improve worker and asset performance – providing insights far beyond what traditional APM approaches deliver, aligned with Next Gen APM 4.0.

We enable you to develop, manage, and execute an Asset Strategy while leveraging our Asset Strategy Library(ASL). Asset Strategy Management (ASM) goes beyond developing a strategy to enable execution through our interoperable ensemble of modules and an integrated Asset Health view that refines the asset strategies by measuring actual conditions and identifying early signs of deterioration. That leads to more profitability at a lower risk level.

This continuously improving process delivers operational excellence and our closed loop interoperable modules drive execution.

The OESuite® APM Framework is designed to call for the right operations and maintenance activities at the right time, thereby reducing costs through eliminating unnecessary or non-productive work, avoiding equipment downtime and/or loss of containment, and optimizing asset performance over time. Our framework provides the rich industry-centric content you need for prescriptive compliance and proactive asset management throughout the asset lifecycle.

Next Gen APM 4.0 is our improved approach to APM that goes beyond the traditional questions of maintenance, cost, safety systems, and condition. Next Gen APM 4.0 moves companies forward by embedding operational intelligence, improving worker performance, and providing insights far beyond what traditional APM approaches deliver.

The OESuite® APM Framework allows your organization to operate more safely and reliably while optimizing performance, reducing risk, and improving quality – at a lower, sustainable cost.

Software Introduction

With OESuite®, users can:
  • Create a comprehensive asset strategy around criticality analysis, RCM, and RBI and successfully execute that strategy
  • Leverage our built-in connectors to bridge data with other systems like data historians, sensors, and existing EAM solutions like SAP, PM, and Maximo
  • Leverage information on inventory and route replacement parts to the field, while optimizing spares holding strategies
  • Assess failure modes and equipment criticality
  • Execute asset strategy activities, including inspection of various asset types
  • Perform Operator Rounds, track findings as MOCs or as action items, audit records, and more
  • Identify equipment bad actors and monitor performance
  • Enact proof testing

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Software Screen Examples

Example 1 – Asset Health Dashboard

Leverage templated indicators depending on the criticality of the assets. If asset health deteriorates, users can generate notifications and start follow-up actions such as an incident investigation, root cause analysis study, or a work request all seamlessly in OESuite®. Quickly assess trending problems and mobilize resources to intervene early. Get a 360 view of your entire fleet.

Software Screen Examples

Example 2 – Asset Strategy

Asset Strategies determine the performance over time of your assets in terms of throughput, reliability and availability, integrity, safety, sustainability, and lifecycle costs. Our Asset Strategy Libraries help you accelerate your time to value. Asset health may contribute to refining the asset strategies by measuring actual conditions and identifying early signs of deterioration.

Software Screen Examples

Example 3 - Asset Registry

Ensure that your master data is governed by a robust asset registry. Enable a 360 view of the asset activities in a single location and aggregate core work processes from OESuite.

Software Screen Examples

Example 4 - Work Management

Initiate work notifications, create job plans, generate a bill of material, measure effective wrench time, estimate remaining life, and close out work orders on a mobile device in the field. If you have any existing EAM / Work Management solution (i.e. IBM® Maximo, SAP PM), no need to worry as you can leverage one of our integration connectors.

Software Screen Examples

Example 5 - SIS Mobile

Conduct and document test results of components and instruments according to test sequence defined for the Independent Protection Function (IPF). Capture the recommendations, take photos, or attach any documentation to the record.

Software Screen Examples

Example 6 - Inspection

Setup your inspection program, quickly navigate to the most critical asset or past due item, flag anomalies, leverage industrystandard inspection codes, and conduct inspections in the field.

Software Screen Examples

Example 7 - RBI

Enact detailed engineering calculations, circuitize your equipment, conduct a damage mechanism review, calculate probability of failure, determine area and financial risk, and conduct qualitative and semi-quantitative risk-based inspections.

Software Screen Examples

Example 8 - FMEA / RCM

Assess the criticality of your assets, facilitate Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), conduct Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) studies to develop maintenance programs, and modify your maintenance plan to reduce cyclical workloads.

Software Screen Examples

Example 9 - Operator Rounds

Take readings in the field, take photos, execute tasks, pull up tags to get a trend, pull up work instructions, or isolate a piece of equipment.

Operational Sustainability® makes operational excellence simple.

Operational Sustainability® makes operational excellence simple.Succeeding in today’s complex, highly regulated industries depends on how well your company manages enterprise risk to minimize enterprise losses and enable continuous improvement without putting your privilege to operate at risk. Our industry-leading, cloud-based, highly configurable OESuite® software, supported by our world-class advisory services and technical content, enables your company to achieve and sustain operational excellence. With an average of more than 30 years of industry experience each, our advisors can design a solution tailored to your company’s culture and needs. Learn how Operational Sustainability® can accelerate your journey to operational excellence through our industry-leading OESuite® software platform, technical content, and our industry experts. See our full slate of free webinars, workshops, white papers, detailed module information, and scheduled workshops online at www.DrivingOE.com.Schedule your free consultation and demo today.

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