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Why OS / What We Deliver

Driving Operational Excellence™ is what we do.

Operational Sustainability, LLC® helps transform process industry organizations through Intelligent Operations, leading to Operational Excellence. We help you holistically address key aspects of your organization, moving you from separate, siloed departments to a highly resilient organization focused on sustainable operational excellence.

What OS Delivers

At OS, our people and our software work together to enable Intelligent Operations leading to operational excellence, but we know that it's never as simple as installing new software. New technology requires change management and cultural buy-in. Our team uses years of subject matter expertise to align your underlying work processes with the needs of your people and then we help you get everyone moving in the right direction.

We offer ready-to-go work processes and content (standards, policies, procedures, and field guides) to accelerate the journey. Our intuitive software and consultative style help simplify transitions and move your organization to a real-time, mobilized risk-aware culture. We focus on core areas to enhance internal risk visibility, overall efficiency, safety, profitability, compliance, operations, and reliability. With an average of more than 25 years of industry experience each, our advisors can professionally design a solution tailored to your company's culture and needs.

We believe in what we do, and it keeps our vision simple: offer innovative solutions that deliver measurable results.

Our Intelligent Operations platform delivers these benefits:

  • Enhanced compliance assurance
  • Improved asset performance
  • More resilient supply chain
  • Production efficiency and optimization
  • Greater operational discipline
  • Improved workforce competency
  • Continuous improvement


Who We Are

Powerful solutions. Expert care and service.




Years Average Experience



Ready to boost your company's efficiency and productivity.



From improving and integrating processes to proactively managing risk and mitigating threats, everything we do is about helping you achieve and sustain operational excellence. We don't just provide a piece of the puzzle, we deliver real time risk visibility and operational control across your entire organization.

Consulting Services


Our experts work with your team to develop fully integrated solutions that fit your culture, help you change your culture, or help you drive toward your goals. And, you can trust our experienced team for all of your training needs.



Our OESuite™ software provides the platform you need, backed up with expert care and service – to help your facility realize the benefits of achieving operational excellence at a sustainable cost.

Technical Content


Our technical content materials will empower your team with the confidence and industry expertise to proactively manage your company's assets, while accelerating your journey to Operational Excellence.


Operational Sustainability, LLC was embedded in our organization for more than five years, and was an integral part of transforming our Asset Integrity work practices.”