Every business is powered by its people.

Our people are driven to help customers solve Operational Excellence problems. Our domain expertise means we know what it takes to drive operational excellence and can empower customers through our OESuite® software and advisory services to achieve it.

At OS, our people and our OESuite® software work together to drive Operational Excellence, but we know it's never as simple as installing new software. New technology requires change management and cultural buy-in. Our experienced team of industry experts uses years of subject matter expertise to align your underlying work processes with the needs of your people. Then we help you get everyone moving in the right direction.

To accelerate the journey, we offer ready-to-go work processes and content such as standards, policies, checklists, procedures, strategy libraries, and field guides. Our intuitive software and consultative style help simplify transitions and move your organization to a real-time, mobilized, risk-aware culture. We focus on core areas to enhance internal risk visibility, efficiency, safety, profitability, compliance, operations, and reliability.

We believe in what we do, and it keeps our vision simple: offer innovative solutions that deliver measurable results.

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Bringing it all together to deliver Operational Excellence.

Our passion is helping you manage risk, enhance compliance, maximize production, minimize equipment downtime, and boost profitability - and we do it by delivering a complete suite of software, consulting services, and training that is unmatched in the industry.

When organizational dynamics cut your processes and departments off each other, you know what can result: Your company can hit a performance glass ceiling due to a critical failure to leverage common information, minimize risks, and eliminate waste. There's a better solution.

At OS, we work together to reveal asset, workforce, operations, and compliance risks - before they materialize. We then help you solve any issues and move you to a real-time, mobilized, risk-aware culture.

Without the interoperability enabled by integrating applications, companies lack the ability to balance their operational risks and operational efficiency effectively.

We help you integrate your systems effectively and design solutions tailored to your company's culture and needs.

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Every business is powered by its people. At OS, our people work with yours to identify and assess your asset, workforce, operations, and compliance risks - before they materialize. Then, through our expert consulting and industry leading software solutions, we help you solve any issues and achieve operational excellence. Our team of experts is led by recognized industry leaders. Find out more about each one by clicking on their picture.